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Netflix for half the price: How the new cheap subscription model works – Cinema News


Netflix wishes to soon test a new subscription option, which halves commissions. But you should only use it on your smartphone and tablet. And it is expected that it will initially be available only in Asia …


Only on the weekend I reported one new "inexpensive" Netflix, with fewer features and low cost should come. However, it was not quite clear what was behind this new model announced by Netflix chief Reed Hastings. It was just this farm should support expansion in the Asian market and therefore probably will not affect us in this country.

Less cost, fewer features: Netflix cheap will come

Thanks to a Malaysian newspaper report the star Now let's know more about Netflix plans. So the cheapest subscription form currently being tested in Malaysia (and probably in other countries) is a pure mobile subscription be with the content of the streaming service only on one smartphone or tablet can be recovered. In addition to this restriction is intended without streaming in HD, but only in SD quality be possible. star according to the monthly fee is 17 Malaysian ringgit, which corresponds to about 3.50 euros. The standard option price costs 42 ringgit in Malaysia, so slightly below nine euros (in this country – 10.99 euros) – the new subscription model reduces costs by just over half!

Therefore, a pure mobile subscription

That Netflix is ​​now testing a pure smartphone and tablet subscription, is nothing but a coincidence such as The Verge based on different study lists. So come now Thirty-five per cent of mobile streaming logs and 60 per cent of all members watch a series or a movie at least once a month via their mobile or tablet. Growing trend in both cases. Based on these figures, Netflix has been working hard to make mobile users experience more enjoyable in recent years. A first step was, for example, the introduction of the download function in 2016 and the introduction of so-called smart downloads this year.

All you need to know about Netflix downloads

Also, this model is tested for the first time in Asia, it opens quickly. Netflix is ​​currently trying to expand in many major international markets, including in Asia. and Asia is considered "the first mobile continent" (that is, as a continent where Internet surfing and entertainment consumption are mostly based on mobile devices), there is also Increase the highest mobile phone users. Therefore, an appropriate subscription will likely find significantly more stakeholders than in countries where most of it is still being broadcast on TVs or PCs.

But there are certainly many film fans and serials in this country who use Netflix mainly on their smartphone or tablet and would therefore be happy with such an inexpensive subscription. But it remains to be seen if there will be any plans in this respect as well. Because, even if the Asian test, to the satisfaction of the streaming giant, is if someone wants to introduce such an inexpensive model into a more financial and already prosperous Western market.

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