Thursday , December 9 2021

New Bonnie Strange mother gets naked for Playboy!


Six months after her daughter's birth, Bonnie Strange (32) draws attention! In May, the influence brought the first child Goldie Venus in the world. Since then, the blonde has always been revealing, recently put down even completely the clothes off – her bare face, but the fans have not yet admired. Now, the new mother for the most famous men's magazine in the world has been cast as a boil hot.

The title coming playboyThe edition for Germany decorates the 32-year-old in a black play, whose free, soul-free look was free on her breasts. In an interview with the magazine explained Bonnie his relationship relaxed with nudity: "For me, nudity does not matter much, and even if I uploaded photos on Instagram that are sexy, it's aesthetics." For them, such snapshots have less to do with sexuality than self-esteem and joy of the arts.

Just a few weeks ago, the presenter visually demonstrated that this statement does not contain empty words. "Being naked together is better than being empty on your own", he had Bonnie commented a little that showed him completely naked in the company of an unknown as uncharged. Now, the Spaniard is shooting provocative pictures at the kiosk – what do you think? Votes in our survey.

Goldie Venus Weilert and Bonnie StrangeInstagram / bonniestrangeGallery Gallery Button
Goldie Venus Weilert and Bonnie Strange
Web star Bonnie Strange, September 2018Instagram / bonniestrange

Web star Bonnie Strange, September 2018
Bonnie Strange with his daughter Goldie Venus WeilertInstagram / bonniestrange

Bonnie Strange with his daughter Goldie Venus Weilert

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