Monday , March 20 2023

Rheinische Post: Thyssenkrupp does not exclude other financial risks after provisions


Dusseldorf (ots) – the management of the Essen industrial group
Thyssenkrupp had the first time since the November 8 profit warning
expressed in an interview in the background. Compliance Board
Donatus Kaufmann told Düsseldorf "Rheinische Post" (Saturday):
"Investigation procedure of the Federal Cartel Office to
Product groups The Heavy Goods and Flat Steel Group has been in operation for some time. she
gives the assertion about alleged cartel agreements, which many
Years should have taken place. Now the process has an impetus
According to Kaufmann, Thyssenkrupp has his own investigations
an external law firm. "So we are the result
I come up with a probability of more than 50
Percentage is possible. That's why I made it implicit
has made the mandatory notification. Some competitors like it
be more restricted ".

Kaufmann explained that provision should not be taken into account
Erroneous interpretation of Thyssenkrupp's misunderstanding. "It is
is a risk prevention measure. "
he does not refer to the current procedure. When asked,
if additional Thyssenkrupp provisions could be granted, he said
He: "Now we have to wait and see, it was one
The stainless steel process that was completely against us because of the lack of suspicion
set. It is true that we have other risks for
In principle, it does not exclude net assets, financial position and results of operations
may be. "

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