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Seehofer's demise: And he fulfilled Söder's desire – Bavaria


Most would like Bavarian Prime Minister Seehofer to give up his office on a voluntary basis. This is happening this historic Sunday. Reconstruction of a tough series.

of Roman Deininger and Wolfgang Wittl

This historic Sunday, ending with a break for CSU and Horst Seehofer with the announced resignation, begins with clear denial. Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (FAS) makes more Christsozial to say what many of the party considers: the presidency of the party and the premiere once again belonged in one hand.

Hans Michelbach, president of the SME Union, is among them. Also, Michael Frieser, head of the CSU Nuremberg district, and as the immediate successor of Markus Söder, must quickly set the course for the most important staff issue. Clearly this means: Horst Seehofer should give up as head of the CSU and pave the way for Prime Minister Markus Söder in the party. That will be the evening. But in the meantime you'll have a few harsh hours.

Seehofer quits

The head of the CSU faces internal pressure on the party and is about to release its post in January. Even as Minister of Home Affairs, 69 years seems to want to resign, but does not engage in a meeting. The clearest words are Hans-Peter Friedrich.

By Roman Deininger and Wolfgang Wittl

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Stoiber's contradiction comes immediately and unusually tough

The most prominent representative of Söder's advertising campaign leads FAS Honorary President of CSU, Edmund Stoiber, in the field. Stoiber advises Seehofer to follow Angela Merkel's example and teach the party leadership, writes the newspaper. Stoiber's contradiction comes immediately and unusually tough. "Nowadays FAS It is argued that I advised Horst Seehofer to follow Angela Merkel's example and teach the party chairmanship. This is wrong, "Stoiber says in the morning, stressing that it is right to think it is a good idea to bind the offices.

This considerably relates the value of the news. The fact that Stoiber prefers to see both united offices in one person is one of the CSU truths, such as the Bavarian diamond model. Horst Seehofer will decide for himself "the specific content and personal consequences of the outcome of the last elections he deems necessary". He also announced the audience several times, "Stoiber still shares.

In the so-called big situation, they stay together in the evening

What Horst Seehofer deems necessary, he's not sure about CSU for a long time. Will he really suggest his retirement from the party's presidency in the evening? And if so, when? In the late afternoon, the party's elite meets for a meeting in the state administration, the appointment has been set for days. On the first floor, in a so-called great situation, they sit together: Seehofer and his five deputies, Prime Minister Söder, the leaders of the parliamentary groups, both the secretaries-general and the strong presidents of the districts. Agenda: Drawing up the list of European elections and analyzing the results of the elections.

The party's expectations have been one of Seehofer's harshest critics, the head of the Swabian district, Markus Ferber. He says before the session everything that Stoiber denied and more. Asked about Seehofer's personal consequences, Ferber responds to the ZDF "Berlin direkt" program: "I think the Chancellor has been a good working model." And it assumes that, by Angela Merkel's decision, no more than the CDU president to compete, "a certain moment has come into the process."

Do not compete and stay until then CSU head – perhaps Seehofer would have been involved immediately. Unlike the CDU, its term ends in the following autumn, not in December. Ferber and other Seehofers, however, are thinking of another temporal corridor. When I say that Seehofer should do like Merkel, they say: the boss should take his hat before Christmas.

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