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Soon for all users: "Private Response" in the WhatsApp group chat


WhatsApp users should soon be able to send private messages to individual group members in group chats. In a beta version for Android, the feature is already fully functional.

Infographic: Every second person calls through WhatsApp and Co.Every second person is calling through WhatsApp and Co.

Because the WhatsApp Beta Info news page reports, WhatsApp is currently testing the group chat feature to send messages to individual users. In group chats, so far, all messages always go to the entire group – whether it makes sense or not. In one of the smartphone's beta versions, there is now the option to respond privately to group members. You can now choose whether to send a private message to a single member of the group or if you want to respond to group chat.

Private answer with new messages

If you access the private message, WhatsApp automatically opens its own chat. This is possible with each user in the group, you only have to respond privately to one of the messages you want to answer directly.

According to WhatsApp Beta Info, you can find the new "Private Response" in groups, starting with version 2.18.335 of the Android app. Currently, the test program is already a few numbers further, the function is unchanged. You may already see this as an indication that the company no longer has to do with this function. Then, shortly, there could be an out-of-beta update, which makes the feature accessible to all users.

It's not about new features that the WhatsApp team is in the process of being developed.

So it's likely that the company will allow advertising in this year's status, so we'll soon see the first ads in WhatsApp (I've reported).

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