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"Sylvies Lingerie Models": Too many puppies, too little time! – TV

Search for a fast forward model!

If you do not feel like watching 16 and a half episodes of Germany's "Topmodel" next year, you can do it all in a quick succession: Wednesday evening Sylvie Meis (40) began her first show "Sylvies Dessous Models "(RTL, 20.15 pm). The new format showed at first that the theoretical hit of Heidi Klum (45) will theoretically fit into three episodes.

Some kind of GNTM in the fast pass

Just a little nude, after all, the winner will become the new figure figure for Miss Meis's own "Sylvie Designs" underwear and clothing. "The New Sylvie," as it emphasizes. "Of course I know, I can still wear a lot, but I have to focus on the future," said 40 years from the show.

Her successor must match her and her brand and therefore not only be beautiful, but also bring personality, charisma and intelligence.

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Photo: MG RTL D

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Wanted is the "new Sylvie"Photo: MG RTL D

In the subsequent selection process, however, he wonders how Sylvie can judge everything so quickly. She did not have much time for her decision. The 30 women already worn in underwear were just seconds before Sylvie and her consultants – the makeup artist Serena Goldenbaum and assistant Marina Coburger.

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Photo: MG RTL D

"data-zoom-src =" https://bilder.bild.de/bild/fotos/sylvie-mit-serena-goldenbaum-r–und-marina-coburger-200979932-58572724/Bild/3.bild.jpg”/>

Sylvie with Serena Goldenbaum (r.) And Marina CoburgerPhoto: MG RTL D

And a verdict has already been made: "You are a mega, incredible," Meis praised the first candidate Susanna (26) right after going from the door to the jury. "We decide very quickly: You are in our girls' team."

"Is that it?", Asked the candidate model in amazement, "it was fast." "What good is good," Sylvie said, smiling.

In the next few minutes, 30 girls have lost themselves. Eight went straight ahead, 15 flew immediately, seven landed on a waiting list for suspense. So in the first hour, Sylvie already had what Heidi needs a few months: the first ten!

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Photo: MG RTL D / Sebastian Geyer

"date-zoom-src =" https://bilder.bild.de/fotos/von-den-30-bewerberinnen-mussten-schon-in-der-first-sendung-22-geten-200980870-58572710/Bild/ 3.bild.jpg”/>

Of the 30 applicants, 22 had to go to the first show …Photo: MG RTL D / Sebastian Geyer

Too many puppies in the show

As a spectator, however, you have not really presented yourself … Also, the choice of preferences has not always been quite easy to understand.

For example, they wondered why Sylvie chose the competitor Sarah (20), who portrayed himself as a fanciful luxury arm: jetted between the four apartments in Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, London and Moscow to find out what he wanted to become one Besides, the jury did not like fake tusks of false eyelashes.

• And Alina (25), who has already played the role of a clowning bitch, and Graziella (21), completely uncomfortable, justifies Sylvie's claim that she is a successor to her.

"I want a girl to match with me, not an annoying person," she said at first, but then she clearly grasped her selection a few times … That caused women the first photo on a ship in The port of Hamburg, but for the usual mistakes, Zickereien and the type of knitwear at GNTM.

<img class = "photo ondemand zoomable" src = "date: image / gif; base64, R0lGODlhAQABAIAAAAAAP /// yH5BAEAAAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7" date-src = "https://pictures.picture.com/photos-scaled/sylvie-musste-in – first-broadcast – already-many-candidates-say goodbye-200980871-58572732 / 3, w = 1280, c = 0.picture.jpg Sylvie had several candidates in the first show say goodbye "date-zoom-title =" Sylvie had to say goodbye to many candidates in the first show

Photo: MG RTL D

"date-zoom-src =" https://bilder.bild.de/fotos/sylvie-musste-in-der-first-sendung-schon-viele-kandidatinnen-verabschieden-200980871-58572732/Bild/3.bild. jpg”/>

Sylvie had to say goodbye to many candidates in the first showPhoto: MG RTL D

Sylvie herself, on the other hand, showed an accessible, authentic and very pleasant side. In the first few minutes, she reviewed her life, especially heavy times, such as the separation of Rafael van der Vaart (35), her cancer in 2009, and her recent, surprisingly, "Let's Dance "presenter." A moment when I cried right, "she admitted openly.

Also, in the relationship with the candidates, Sylvie was warm, respectful and empathetic, which many had scattered many times with Heidi Klum in the past.

At the end of the show, a total of eight girls did it in the next round, now allowed to fight for the title of "Sylvies Lingerie Model" in the following two episodes:

• ALINA (25), Vienna student (size: 172 cm, size: 84-61-93)

• JULIA B. (21), model from Mühlhausen (174 cm, 81-67-94.5)

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• GRAZIELLA (21), Cologne masseuse (173 cm, 90-66-101)

• MIRJANA (25), who works independently in Heidelberg (170 cm, 84-66-92)

• MELISSA MINH (22), potential architectural student from Lünen (164 cm, 80-63-85)

• SARAH (20), student from Düsseldorf (174 cm, 85-64-94)

• SUSANNA (26), Berlin model (174 cm, 92-62-91)

• TAHNEE (25), student at Dusseldorf (170 cm, 90-65-94)

By the way, instead of a picture you have a pink bracelet with bows – you have to make a difference in a way. Otherwise, it will continue in the usual pattern of casting: Among other things, there will be – a surprise – a great makeover with many tears.


Too many girls for too short a broadcast time and a partial selection of candidates, some of whom do not want to match Sylvie Meis.

But generally, Sylvie lingerie models offer extraordinary entertainment with many popular casting show casts and a personality note through Sylvie's knowledge of the spectator (especially in previewing the next episodes).

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