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That means the descent of the League of Nations and the team


German coach Joachim Loew reacted disappointingly to relegation of the German national team to the League of Nations, following the decisive victory of the Netherlands against the 2: 0 world champions in France (1: 0).

"For us, this result is, of course, bitter, because we have no chance of staying in league A. We must accept that," Löw said before the last international match against the Netherlands arrivals (League of Nations: Germany – Netherlands, Monday 20.45 in LIVETICKER).

With one point so far, the 2014 World Cup is definitely the last in Group 1. But what else has the demotion for the football nation? Sport1 answers the most important questions.

What opponent does DFB meet after relegation?

In the next National League, the German national team will compete in the B rank against weaker opponents and logically has no chance at the next edition to play for the overall victory, which is only the first division of the A league between them.

The Löw team could now meet Poland, Iceland, the Czech Republic, Russia, Wales, Slovakia, Sweden and Austria.

However, these games only come from the autumn of 2020, the next final round will then be in the summer of 2021. The following year, only the European Championship qualifiers and friendly matches are in the program. Before the strike against Holland Löw says: "This year, which was totally disappointing for us, we want to say goodbye to our fans on Monday at Gelsenkirchen with a good game."

What does descent mean for the European Championship qualification?

Eventually even more difficult than the consequences for the next League of Nations could be the consequences for the EM 2020 qualification as of March.

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"However, we will look very clear in the direction of the European 2020 Championship, for which we will qualify and where we want to send a strong team back to the tournament," Löw said. They will "continue to create space for our young players and gradually introduce them to the national team."

As performance in the League of Nations is decisive for EM group seedlings, Germany threatens a place in the second pot at the December 2 ceremony in Dublin.

The ten groups that are part of the draw consist, on the one hand, of the four participants in the final round of the League of Nations, so that the four winners of the league A. The rest of the six group head is determined on the general table of the League of Nations .

Fernduell with Poland around the pot o

The Twelve Leagues A form the top twelve seats in the total table, the DFB-Elf should have two league-A teams in the table behind a pot race and thus the biggest teams in the Path to Go.

Currently, unnecessary Iceland is certainly worse than the German team, so it is with a victory against the Netherlands at least to save the chance to leave Poland just behind. Robert Lewandowski and Co are also just one point ahead of their last match against Portugal.

At the Dublin group group on December 2, 55 countries split into seven pots. The four Group A winners – currently France, Belgium, Portugal, Spain – are in the League of Nations Cup. In pot 1, the six nations would walk behind it. What makes the situation difficult: The world champion is four times only in Europe at second rate. At this point, Germany is just in the lead due to the gap gap better than the tenth.

When will the EM 2020 qualify?

The start of the European Championship qualification will be postponed from September to March 2019. The ten group winners and the second qualify each other. The other four European Championship starting points will be awarded through the League of Nations, which is the real reason for the new competition.

All League League winners (four leagues) move into the playoffs with semifinals and finals in March 2020 – unless it is especially true for league A, they have already secured their participation in the final round by qualifying at the European Championship . In this case, the runners move up.

This may result in teams playing in league B in the A playoff. However: Each league generates an EM participant – and league D with the weakest teams. EM groups are currently depicted – with placements in dishes.

What does the descent of fans mean?

Public interest is probably even lower compared to unattractive opponents than it already is. To have stadiums sold again, DFB planning games should move to smaller arenas such as Wolfsburg, Nuremberg, Hanover and Gladbach.

DFB will lose revenue due to the descent?

The fact is: the 1.5 million euro guarantee that only the league A teams receive are lost to the league. Even ticket revenue may drop if queues with fewer high-level opponents are waiting . However, nothing changes in TV revenue. However, not to measure in figures is deterioration of the extra image of the descent.

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