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The feeling of medicine: Researchers find active for the first time against cold


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On cold and humid days, the cold starts. Cough, runny nose and hoarseness are annoying comrades in the fall and winter. Medicines can be slightly aligned against complaints. An effective cure for cold does not exist until now. Only symptoms such as headaches, coughing and other annoying side effects can be relieved by medication. But that could change soon.

Super-molecule IMP-1088 prevents multiplication of cold viruses

Soon, cold could be a thing of the past.

A British research team around Dr. Aurelie Mousnier of Queen University in Belfast, Northern Ireland, has now developed a substance that prevents the spread and multiplication of cold viruses – known as rhinoviruses – in the body.

For more than four years, the British have researched the artificial supermolecula called IMP-1088. Their study was published in the journal Nature Chemistry.

This is how biologists went: they were not looking for or in the virus, but they examined the human host cells for the virus. These cells need all types of rhinovirus equally.

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This is how supermolecula works: it starts in host cells and fights against the virus itself. Human cells are not affected. IMP-1088 inhibits human N-myristoyltransferase protein, which requires cold viruses to make copies of themselves. Duplication will be stopped in a short time. Only a few hours after treatment could be a significant improvement. The molecule must be effective against all types of Rhinus virus. There is no risk of resistance to existing medicines.

So far, the molecule has only been tested in the laboratory

This could be an important breakthrough because until now there is no universal anti-rhinitis drug, of which there are more than 160 different types of pathogens. They are very versatile and rapidly develop drug resistance. So far, it could be relieved by common cold remedies, so only the symptoms of a cold.

However, the researchers have previously tested the substance in the laboratory. Until the molecule is approved in medicine and accessible to consumers, additional research is needed. As reported as "Bild am Sonntag", this could only be the case in 10 years. Biologist Aurelie Mousnier believes that the form of a nasal spray is best suited for common cold viruses spreading through the nose and pharyngeal at the beginning of an infection.

Until the medicine is available, the investigator advises you to consider the following in order to protect yourself from cold: enough sleep, a diet rich in vitamins, regular hand washing and, if possible, not to be faced with.

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