Saturday , May 28 2022

Abolition of ELAS in the newspaper "Democracy"


No Greek police service has made a home business in Palaio Psychiko, quoted in a newspaper published today in the newspaper "DEMOKRATIA".

The front page of the newspaper reported that 19,000,000 were found in a house in Palaio Psychiko. Despite ELAS's denial, the newspaper insists on its information and announces it and asks for a close reading of the ELAS ad.

The newspaper's report has been republished by many sites. KINAL's reaction was immediately followed by an announcement requesting ESIEA to intervene in the issue that emerged with the publication of the Democracy newspaper.

The Communist Communiqué of the Movement of Change, Stamatis Maleis, contacted ESIEA President, Maria Antoniadou, in which he complained strongly about the newspaper's fake news, stressing that such practices are damaging to Democracy and Eleftherotypia.

Author: with information from RES-MPE

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