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Fire fighters in Attica: Incorrect fire estimation Greece


Mayor of the Marathon, Elias Psinakis, heads to the Fire Department for "erroneous assessment of the course of fire" in his written explanations to prosecutors investigating the conditions of the extreme tragedy of the eastern Attic fire in July last year.

In his memorandum, Mr Psinakis, one of the 21 suspects, claims that the municipality's services have been fully prepared, in full swing, alerts and coordinated on the day of devastating fire, addressing the situation, saying they offered victims all the aid and assistance.

The Marathon Mayor expresses deep sadness and sympathy for the victims and their relatives and stresses that he is firmly convinced that from the point of view of the municipality's services it has become possible from a human point of view to deal with the situation.

In a 29-page Mr. Psinakis memorandum, responsibilities are assigned to the Fire Department to assess the situation, while it is noted that "the fire was not perceived by the official fire brigade officers, but by the sound of a mermaid passing through a fire truck ". The Mayor also mentions that "the mobilization of the city's civil protection chief was immediate, long before the fire that crossed the administrative borders of Marathon." As soon as the municipality was summoned to remove the citizen, the municipality responded immediately. the civil protection staff of the city was placed under the command of the Fire Brigade in case of extinction and stressed that "I can not understand that the municipality could do anything else".

As regards the expulsion of citizens, Mr Psinakis emphasizes that this is the exclusive responsibility of the Fire Brigade, who never sent an official or informal signal for the organized evacuation of the city. He also pointed out that when the disaster threatens several municipalities, the region is responsible for the escape decision and concludes: "This could not have happened because the firefighters estimated, erroneously, that the fire was heading for Dionis, unfortunately, there was a clear picture of how the fire was moving.

In the memorandum, Mr Psinakis also states that the municipality "has absolutely no competence for the coastline, of course, not even for the urban violations in Mati."

Finally, Mr Psinakis, for his absence from the tragic events of July 23, reported that he had gone a few days after he chose to be in the Marathon in August, considered the most dangerous month for fires, and that once the fire broke out, communicated with her colleagues, seeking a parallel way to return to the city. However, as he says, volatile means could not be brought about by the strong winds and the smoke of fire or the flame he tried to use because of intense seas.

Tomorrow, the regional prosecutor, Reina-Duro, the prosecutor, was summoned to prosecutors, who will probably present the explanations he asks for a memo.

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