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How to fix the most annoying thing on your mobile phone


Google: How to fix the most annoying thing on your mobile phone

Whether you own an iPhone or an Android phone, one of the most serious and annoying features of smartphones is their autonomy. Most phones can stay for about a day with big batteries, but almost never enough is enough. Google took a step forward and acknowledged a mistake in designing its software and how to fix it.

It just seems like switching your phone to "Dark Mode". The trick is, of course, only on OLED screens. Google spoke about the energy consumption of phones in the Android Dev Summit made in recent days.

The company studied the energy consumption data of black and white themed phones and concluded that at full brightness, darkness on OLED displays always wins. OLED pixel illumination remains inactive while the color is black, thus maintaining energy and increasing autonomy.

Google admitted it was her fault to insist on white color in the Application Material Design. Apple also has mostly white themes and while there is darkness for Macs, it is not for the iPhone.

Therefore, if you want to save the battery and the phone has an OLED screen, select the dark mode in any available application pending the dark mode of your UI interface.

Editing: Pavlos Kroustas

Last Updated: Friday, November 9, 2018, 22:32

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