Saturday , February 4 2023

I did not see Survivor 2 and the reasons are many


George Aggelopoulos opened his books The Eleonora study

George Angelopoulos was the survivor of Survivor 1. Through both the game and afterwards, Dano managed to become very popular with the audience and loved ones.

The star of "tattoos" last night was invited to Eleonora's study "After Midnight" and talked about everything. Of course, it could not be mentioned in SKAI's survival reality but also in the participation of former survivors at Nomads-Madagascar.

For the eight former Survivor players who have decided to enter the extreme adventure of ANT1, he said, "I know about Kostas and John. With Giannis we talked, I was in Cyprus and sent me a message to greet me, for that I was doing with Hraniotis and Bo. And I say, "I learned it an hour ago, what to say to you on the cross and return." To decide the children to make sure they have decided well for their future and have a good success. "

As for the unsuccessful reasons for Survivor 2018, he said: "Survivor 2 did not see her and the reasons are many. We were shooting late, whenever we were shooting … When I was home at that time, I was following the tattoos, that I had to see myself and the other partners and what I did every day Some moments of envy It seemed strange to someone to live what we lived there 2 It was not a success because it was 2. It was a new one 1. It was a bit difficult to work for all the people who had to do 2 whether behind the chambers or the children who participated in. Why did the world have been very much identified with 1 and all that had to do with 1 and there was a comparison.

George Angelopoulos: What does he say about the survivors who entered Nomads

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