Sunday , October 2 2022

In the streets thousands of Italians against the decree against immigration – Newsbeast


In the center of Rome today, thousands of citizens voiced their opposition to the "anti-immigration" security decree, which is defended by the Interior Minister and the Head of the Right Mateo Salvini.

Coming from about 50 cities around the world Italy, the protesters said in a "no Salvini and racism" voice.

"Hospitality for All, Open the Border" was among the banner slogans in favor of migrant rights, which also gave this massive mobilization.

According to Sereno, an emergency activist who helps immigrants, the crowd of the world could be bigger, but the Italian police did not allow five buses to continue their journey.

The Italian Senate on Wednesday approved this highly controversial project, the first step ahead of the final vote in Parliament, expected to take place in late November, explains the Athens News Agency.

Among other things, the bill replaces 2-year humanitarian residence permits from a series of other permits, such as one-year "special protection" or "natural disaster in the country of origin" for a period of six months.

An emergency procedure is also provided for the possibility of expelling any asylum seeker who is "dangerous".

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