Thursday , March 23 2023

Ioanna Bella: "Production invited me to go to GNTM, I did not participate"


Ioanna Bella is definitely the girl who talked about the city in recent months.

After the audition in GNTM, it caused a storm of reaction, but a few months later she took the Star Hellas 2018 crown.

In a recent interview with Cypriot magazine Must, she first revealed she never said about Greece's Next Top Model model and that the production of fashion reality invites her to go to the auditions, where … she was cut .

Before the show, I saw you cast the Next Top of Greece, where you got a strong criticism. How did you do it? Do you think you got outta here?

Look at me I do not care about reality. I have denied many programs and realities for which I made a proposal. Production itself invited me to go to GNTM, I did not attend. The TV piece is, they wanted to make numbers, they did it, we'll go on and we'll go. We do not like everyone. Only the way, in general, shows the man and when you have no paths, you are a bad man for me.

Do you think production has called you to do everything?

Clearly! I did not attend, they called and I left.

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