Saturday , February 4 2023

It is preparing for the heaviest snow in decades


The capital of Spain, Madrid and much of its neighboring region Castilla-La Mancha I am currently on high alert at first snow which meteorologists predict will be the most severe in decades and which will bring Fortune Filomena.

Such intense phenomena are rare in the area and are expected to disrupt daily life and commuting, as they come at a time when people are returning home for the Christmas and New Year holidays. New Year. This year, however, there is less traffic than usual due to restrictions due to it coronavirus pandemic.

As heavy snow began to fall, authorities announced today that major parks in Madrid, including the famous Retiro next to the Prado Museum, will be closed at noon today as a precaution.

With snow forecasts of up to 20 cm in 24 hours and temperatures expected to fluctuate around 0 for much of the day, southern Madrid is at its highest alert level for the first time since the system was installed in 2007. .

THE Ruben del Campo, A spokesman for the state meteorological service said the city would likely face off heavier snow which he has known at least so far in the 21st century.

“Maybe we should go back to the snow of February 1984 or March 1971 to find similar precedents, if the forecasts are confirmed.” he added.

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