Wednesday , May 31 2023

Mobilization of "yellow jackets": 244,000 in protest events in France | Plus: International


The tension that has occurred in some of these mobilizations has caused accidents, a woman's death in an incident and the injuries of 106 people, according to a statement from the Interior Ministry.

"Yellow vests, black anger," "Jupiter rebuild the earth, there is misfortune": protesters blocked access to motorways, road centers and organized free operations across France.

The "yellow jackets" failed to block France as they wanted, but the whole territory was affected by their actions, which is to some extent a success for this social media movement away from political parties and unions.

The morning was marked by serious incidents in the blockade that protesters had set up: a protester was killed in Savoia and 106 people were injured in all of France, three seriously, according to Interior Minister Christopher Castaner, who reported a total of 38 arrests across the country.

In Pont de Beauvais, Savoie, the driver who took his daughter to a doctor panicked when protesters began to hit his car and rushed to seriously injure a 63-year-old woman.

General dissatisfaction

The protest movement is manifested after a difficult year for President Emmanuel Makron and growing dissatisfaction with his enormous program of transforming France. The president's popularity is at the lowest level since his election in 2017.

The Yellow Wall movement, on the contrary, has the support of 73% of the French, according to the Elabe Institute. "54% of Eleanor Makron's voters support or sympathize with the movement." He is not without pain, "says the Institute's analyst.

"If there are a few or many thousands, whether or not they succeed in blocking the country, yellow jackets have won," said Le Parisien. "They reminded our leaders that ecological taxation is intended to fail if it ignores the daily routine of those who intend to help."

"Emmanuel Makron is in a very difficult position against the average French who do not feel that Macron is competing with him. It includes a kind of parish, social and spiritual elite," says Polling / Vox analyst.

Source: RES / BIP

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