Thursday , June 1 2023

Mourinho, Drogba and the talk about … kings of the Premier League and Chelsea


Drogba had a hard time in his first blue season in London, although he finished 16 goals in the 2004-2005 season and made a huge contribution to the club's first league league in 50 years.

The first time he did not like it at all in England, he began to think he had to return to the port, the safety offered by Marceau.

This was the place where Mourinho spoke to him and gave him an incentive to risk and claim new things in his career.

"If you want to be the only king and you only have citizens behind you, go back to Marseilles, here we have 22 kings on the list, whether you work together or you go if you can not bear it" said the Portuguese technician, as an Ivorian striker revealed in an interview, and that was enough to make him come back and continue writing a story with Chelsea's shirt.

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