Thursday , March 23 2023

Nikopolidis: We wanted to hit with a move and quality – Greece National


Nikopolidas usually argued:

"In addition to the first half, if Austria made it difficult, we checked the game and created the conditions to score. But the opponent managed to get a set phase.

Qualification has become more difficult. It is not over, we can overthrow it, but surely the opponent has an advantage

The opponent was quite well read, he knew his strengths as a team, tried to close us. We wanted to move the ball quickly, we created the chances, but we could not reach a goal.

The game was pretty tough and quite violent sometimes by the opponent. The referee could give more books earlier. The match came into force, Austria is a strong team.

Our strategy was not to start with a cleaner striker, despite having two at the bank. It was to try something in motion, with speed, with our quality, to create situations.

Where we landed and got into the area, I put both of them in order. "

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