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On the cell phone tracks

November 10, 2018 12:26

A serious element has revealed the "tunnel" for the mysterious disappearance of the soldier lost at sea at the end of June.

According to her close mother Takis Kolliantelis who tried to call him one day after his disappearance, his number accepted the calls, but no one answered.

The missing person's father said in the tunnel that the port authority has removed the privacy of both mobile phones he used. She showed that both phones were closed at 2:30 pm, on the dawn of Thursday, June 28, in the sea area between Andros and Tinos.

From the broadcast investigation, it was found that one of the two numbers used by Takis is recorded in the name of one of his knowledge. It seems that this number has been activated so far a month ago.

The tunnel found the missing person's name and spoke to them. He said he would go to the prosecutor request confidentiality clearance and to see if calls were made.

On Friday 2 November, the "Tunnel" revealed new data about this strange business, there were several phone calls for viewers who spoke about someone who seems to miss Takis and work at a Dafni café. The study showed that testimonies were based on similarity. Another signal that the broadcast has at their disposal sends the survey to Germany. The testimony wants someone with many common features to be 23 years old to be found on the afternoon of Thursday, November 1 station in Nuremberg.

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