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Prevacasa in Crete? Video with strangers to download the Greek flag – SKAI (



The incident that caused fury and indignation to the inhabitants of Crete took place yesterday afternoon inside the prefecture of Heraklion.


An incredible incident that caused rage and indignation to the inhabitants of Crete took place yesterday afternoon in the hinterland of Heraklion prefecture.

Aliens, according to the testimonies of local residents, took the Greek flag from the internet and stole it.

As you will see in the video below, two men descend from a white cage, climb up, pull out the Greek flag and then climb into the vehicle and go in the unknown direction.

According to the cretapost, the unbelievable incident took place just outside the village of Dafnes in Heraklion.

The same information indicates that the two foreigners are working on construction works in the larger area, and the white car with Rethymnon plates has been rented.

In the movie made by a citizen who does not know what he was, because he did not know what it was (he thought the flags would be changed because of wear and tear), their faces and the vehicle registration plate appear clearly.

Evidence has already been given to the police authorities in Crete in search of the perpetrators.
Identifying them is a matter of hours as their identity is known.

In the morning, the locals gathered here who wanted the "two actors" in their hands, but they did not appear.

According to the information confirmed by, the people who abandoned the Daphne Heraklion flag do not come from Albania but from another European country.

The Greek round made the incident with two people trying to be Albanians to take a Greek flag in the village of Dafni Heraklion. However, according to's secure information through the video posted and the registration number of the leased company – it appears that the people who rented the car are not Albanian citizens but from another European country.

However, the fact that it makes even more impressions and more questions is that those who played in the incident have already left Heraklion since they flew last night from "Nikos Kazantzakis" airport.

In a tense time for Greek-Albanian relations, such publications are completely "irresponsible" and can also become dangerous by launching unpredictable situations.

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