Friday , January 15 2021

#Six: His Demolition … Menandros Fourthiotis from the Open Channel

On Friday afternoon, the Open Tech technicians, assisted by the security officers in the canal, dismissed the offices, show sets in the studio that featured the Menios Fourthiotis show, the presenter's computer, his phone and his office.

This was the final touch of the desperation of the one who has tried our television limits a few times in the last five years insisting on being a presenter.

He tried to "kill" the Greek language and sometimes be hurt for his "Revealed" TV basket, which ended after yesterday's launch on Ivan Savvidi's channel.

It was a move announced last year that was postponed enough because of the dispute between Menios Fourthiotis and the new property regime.

His obsession with staying in front of the television lens, believing that he was redeemed for his sins from the old man when he was the director of Julia Alexandratos, was such that the channel had to move to court to get rid of him.

It is noteworthy that during the transition of the channel, he was the only presenter who went every Saturday and Sunday at a station that played only movies and rows.

Currently he is the general and commercial manager of "E" who managed to defeat Vryonis at that time, he is silent and has made no statement about his elimination from the Open.

Best Seller

An exuberance that became known through a simple channel announcement that was "troubled" by Menios Fourthiotis, who did not want to dissociate himself from the role of presenter and judge of all things.

We lived well for all these years, kneeling with hyaluronates and "verzetselles" creams whose effeminate results he published, shouting like the butcher, told Varvakio milk goats.

There are many samples of his garbage, where he entered as a popular idol on the dance floor, accompanied by smoke, music and photojournalism.

There are many harsh criticisms of those who have refused to make statements or interview the lunch shop.
But where I saw everything, it was in the memory of the Star Academy, which brought us admirable moments of mitic, with the phosphorescent menio, which gives a cry.
In general, it has been recognized – for all people with elemental intelligence – the worst TV product played on the small screen in recent years.

On his platform, the former manager of Julia Alexandratos – who, when her blonde clients launched a song no one heard, Anna Vissi told her in the jury's jury's jury jury – lived what she had like a child dream .
To be the presenter of a talented show that enters the platform of pop music through smoke and fireworks to tragically present a tragic musical reality.

At that time, however, on the Channel of Peristeri, Menios Fourthiotis, he reigned and did what he wanted to ignore what he heard about the famous creams, hyaluron and the factory in Schimatari.
That's why he started selling them like Versace – like the famous Italian home – but when it was abandoned for the first time by the Italians, they were renamed "V 1969"!

The passion he had when talking about his private work has never been distorted in a television presence that would not have caused the so-called common sense.

Honor all with the wool brush

That is why the presenter did not want to ever achieve what was obvious to almost everyone.
It has been and still remains by far the worst show that has appeared on the small screen in recent years, regardless of the efforts it has made to become good.

The murder of the Greek language, his outburst against anyone who dared to say something about him and, above all, his arrogant behavior inside and outside the mantle as if he were the most honorable of all, gave him a persona non grata to the public television and not only.
When the E directors tried to keep the presenter's identity for Academia Star, all of the press offices were laughing because they knew it would eventually be Furthiotis.

They did not hurt at all with self-selection, who "ate" Natalie Germanos overnight, as it was known by whisper, then on its channel and corridors.
This was the moment she would not be deprived of it, the impetus of a tour that started with thrash shows where she was ugaining with any wallet wallet she wanted to show on television and continued with Julia's leadership to get years later in "E".
Transforming it from an overweight boy into an anorexic caricature with wool brush in various variants, it was just the beginning of his glorious television course.

He helped a lot, the personal and close relationship with Mr. Philip Vryonis, who gave him "E" moments of glory he dreams of.
The second day of the seller!

On us, on the other hand, he gave moments of sadness sometimes downstream to television with shows such as the one presented every Saturday and Sunday, with a musical background that referred to thrillers.
Where he did it all. He had stoves, sunglasses, and distributed money, mobile phones, board, cars, and more in a show that reminded an outdoor bazaar in a studio.

He was undoubtedly a good seller, but he was never even a moderator, even if his panel was passed by people with knowledge that could help them.
You understand that when he wanted to talk about himself, he waited for his ear to tell him to take the viewers with time.

However, he should be sure that within the next 24 hours, Menios will "close" in Philip Vryonis's "New E", which he found after a litigation on Monday.
Only this time, things will be very different for the couch child, whose broadcast will come from a local station with an audience of 0.1-0.3%.

Why would he do that? Because he obviously ignores the party that was set up yesterday morning at the Tweeter, where the #syhamenious hiatus became a loser of suspensions for his dismissal.
He also does not understand that the omnipotent in him is so humble, and whether he wants to show in his interviews or television, seeking in vain to erase his past.

A past that will always be there with a video about the crimes related to him with a cross, with sunglasses and platforms and golden hats boasting Julia when he was the one who arranged everything.
Some people sometimes remember him asking to see his client's interviews before being published when he was not what he is today.
An educated presenter who loves so much on television that if he ever finds a small screen, he'll probably be depressed.
Many people hope that after Ivan's shot, which soon dropped, Menios will cease to aesthetically suffer the cries of our ears and the little screen.

She had satisfied her last night night and night with her legs standing, but she was running over her, probably she could not stay.

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