Monday , January 24 2022

Toys of Doom: The tragedy that joined Hypatia Patmanoglou with his future wife


A stranger in his life has decided to turn Hypatos Patmanoglou, the father and tragic husband, who, aged 1.5, lost her son for three years and her 33-year-old husband in front of the terrible traffic Porsche led by the 24-year-old Giorgos Vakakis, son of Mr. Jumbo, at the Greek National Theater. Athens-Lamia.

As it was known yesterday, through the show "Together," Hypatos Patmanoglou decided to promote his life and remarry.

His future wife, named Emmanuela, is from Megara and deals with the community and a dear person to the local community.

Hypatios and Emanuela were informed via Facebook. Their marriage will take place in early December, while some information wants the couple to wait for their first child.

According to information from the Emmanuela environment, these two young people, apart from anything else, seem to unite and draw the events that took place in their lives.

The moments in which fate plays beyond each imagination.

Hypatos Patmanoglou, as is known, is the only survivor of traumatic trafficking with Porsche led by Yorgos Vakakis. Mr Jumbo's son lost control of the car and was set at a speed of over 300 km on Hypatos Patmanoglou's parked parking vehicle (in the parking lot EO). He was in the toilet at the time of the collision. In his car, however, his wife and son died instantly, like George Vakakis and his co-driver Porsche, a friend of the young Andreas Georgakopoulos.

A tragic event has recently experienced and the future wife of Hypatia.

In particular, she also suffered a great loss in her life, which aroused her.

According to information from the environment, about a year ago he decided to put an end to the life of the man he was eight years old.

The cause was erotic disappointment because Emmanuela had asked him to divorce.

The new page for Hypatia

However, the change of a site decided by Hypatos Patmanoglou may have become known yesterday, but a few days ago, at his feast, he himself made the revelation.

More specifically, he uploaded his Facebook personal account on his personal holiday, in which he wrote: "Life is moving with its joys and troubles and we should follow it, thank you very much for your wishes. I wanted God to give you twice. I'm very happy.

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