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Tsipras speaks for the October elections and is now split from the recruits


SYRIZA's ascendant course on the road to polls is currently written Alexis Tsipras and – despite its own assurances of the October 2019 elections – has already put in place the preparedness plan for early elections. The campaign is partly part of the Prime Minister's public speech, which announced in a few hours the nominal votes for the government health package and a public recruitment dam in 2019.

Yesterday afternoon, speaking to the House, he remarked to the opposition that "one by one will vote positive measures that invalidate injustices," and on the evening of the same day, speaking in the central alpha bulletin, testified tens of thousands recruitment in the state of 2019. The prime minister hastened to join the doctrine of Deputy Health Minister Paul Polakis (to imprison some to win the elections again), arguing that it is an interpretation of popular sentiment.

The central idea of ​​the project is obviously SYRIZA to regain its lost impulse, applying the triple benefits, the war against corruption, the constitutional review and the fireworks for its left public. First, corruption is, according to the government, the old political system that has "put us in crisis" and, of course, recruitment – the benefits – recruitment are meant for the "pockets" of the citizens of some social groups affected by the memorandum of the last three years. In this context, the dams of "positive measures" eight bills or successive amendments will be filed in November.

"The elections in 2019, the government will continue without burning"

Mr Tsipras, in his Alpha central bulletin, described an electoral system that would not allow the government to fall in less than 44%, while he argued that elections will be made in October 2019 – the last day of constitutional prediction. He hastened to predict that SYRIZA will be the first party in the European elections. As he said, the government will continue the course, although Khammen will not vote for the Prespa agreement, which he defended again as a good solution to the Skopje nomenclature.

"Three and a half years ago, we have elections for the opposition. I will end up on the last day and take twenty days for the Constitution because the opposition leader is constantly calling for elections," the prime minister said, and he estimated that this would become boomerang for Mr Mitsotakis, because when we go to the European Parliament elections we will be the first party.

For Skopje

"We are close to solving a 35-year problem, the Skopje nomenclature, we solve the problems with the Church, we take a country out of bankruptcy, do not know what Mr. Mitsotakis wants, what he wants for the country, is his vision? He will lose in the European elections, will even lose in the 19 October national elections.

How the Agreement will pass through Parliament as soon as Kammenos leaves

"I have the certainty that the nomenclature, the agreement, which is also a compromise, is a very important step forward, 140 countries call them Macedonia and now they will call them North Macedonia – on Google to find Skopje should put North Macedonia – the agreement will pass and pass for a reason, because even the last citizen begins to realize that, despite the problems that this agreement is in the interest of the country, solves problems, I tell you that the climate that is being formed is that the agreement is for the benefit of Mitsotakis le he will also have a very large majority, and the government will have the majority to decide the next day and I do not want to go into a subject that is a matter of principle for Panos Kammenos and I think he will be in a big- a dilemma – I understand the issue of principles, but on the other hand, if the country is to move. The policy is full of crucial dilemmas and I think it will make the right decision, and Panos Karamanos will not be a barrier to regularity in the country. He will vote against the agreement. "

For "sacrifice" Kotzia and Soros

"We have not sacrificed anyone, the Foreign Minister resigned, he had an excellent job at the Foreign Ministry, the confrontations had a kind of attack, I resigned, I was forced to continue. As far as my own opinions are concerned, I would not address this reference, but the crucial issue is whether the country will go further. "

Asked about the episodic cabinet and if Khammen eventually denounced the Soros government funding, Mr. Tsipras referred to the statements of the defense minister, arguing he was not sacrificing Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzia but chose his resignation. Mr. Ţipras claimed that he allowed Mr. Kotzia to talk about the expansion of the Aegean Sea to Ionian on the day of extradition-reception of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but he realizes that he needs to change "tactically but not strategically", saying he will be informed and do not lose the right to enlargement under international law. "

Direct call for 10,000 jobs, from 2020 to 18,500 new jobs

Immediately announcing 10,000 jobs to fill the 10,000 priests who were removed from public service registers, Alexis Tsipras announced, announcing that recruitment will be in 2020. Speaking in the Alpha press release, he said by 2020 we will have 18,500 new jobs in the state. The budget cost will be 200 million euros. There is no doubt that we will cover them. We will find the resources to recruit doctors, nurses, teachers, if Greek society needs it. Referring to the cost of 200 million euros as a grant, he said that by 2030, the income of the Ecclesial Property Fund will cover all or most state subsidies for clergy salaries. "


Polakis interpreted popular sentiment, the prime minister said, adding that the minister had reached his own agreement. "One of the reasons we will join: impunity, one third of public debt is due to health scandals, should not be punished, it has to be said that there are laws in the country. If Pollak's doctrine is law enforcement, then proceeding to this doctrine, there is no impunity in this place, it is not on our side and I have not said anything before the judge has decided.

The main points of the Tsipra interview about Alpha television are:

Agreement on Relations between the State and the Church

Asked what changed with the agreement they had announced with Archbishop Ieronymos, he began an interview with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Alpha. "They are changing too much," the Prime Minister replied, and after making a brief historical analysis, he reiterated that with the exit of the 10,000 clergy from the state, the way to 10,000 state employees opens. Subsequently, Mr. Tsipras referred to the 1952 agreement with the Church for the exploitation of ecclesiastical property. "It started a year before this job and registered property in the metropolis."

"The state will earn 10,000 jobs to be announced immediately in 2019 to start in 2020," Mr Tsipras said, adding that "there will be no historic step without registration.

Indeed, he claimed that "1 to 1" was patented in proportion to public sector recruitment and, moreover, "we have 10,000 jobs". Asked about the cost of salaries and how it will be covered when the Church receives 200 million a year, he said we could cover the budget costs. "We are countermeasures without measures, the economy is doing well, TIF announced measures of 750 million, and now we will reach 900 million. We will recruit if the Greek society suffers."

"There is a will, it is a miracle to find a solution after 79. For three years there was this idea." For one and a half years, our committees, together with Mr Haritsis – who also developed a program of the NSRF for registration, volunteered 22 cities to register ecclesiastical property. You see the result of a process that lasted almost three years, "he said.

For electing the president by the people and constitutional review

"I took care of the final proposal I made for the election of the president by the people as the last choice, in fact, it is a process of blackmailing the consensus," he said, adding that the purpose of the changes to the proposed constitutional change is disconnect the election of the parliamentary president, no governments fall unless there are 180 deputies. "After our choice to vote the simple analogue and put it in the Constitution … (…) Trust itself will not come out with less than 44% – 45% pluralistic, with institutional countermeasures, not to let the government with a simple mistrust or the election of a president. "

Is there a consensus on government co-operation?

"In political life, there has never been a period of conflict and conflict, if there is a possibility and conditions that will increase the convergence of the government, it is a matter of course." Political anomaly would be the two poles to find them suddenly, as in the case of ND and PASOK who have forgotten their differences in order to coconnize. People know that the country went bankrupt and it was not an accident. It was a waste of resources, a machine for producing deficits and scandals that led the country to bankruptcy. In contradiction to this insult committed, is the public's request, after the insult is Nemesis. "

He subscribes to the Paulie phrase for "getting some in jail"

"Polakis interpreted the popular feeling," the prime minister said, adding that the minister had his own insistence. "Why should we join in? Impunity? One-third of public debt is due to health scandals, should not they be punished?" The message must be given that there are laws in the country, it seems that there are a lot of people in the sector If Polakis's doctrine is the implementation of the law, then I will proceed to this doctrine, there is no impunity in this place, there is no one on our side, and I have never said anything before Justice has decided.

To reinforce the back of the ribbons

"It reminds me of the opposition as if it were the fire and the fire followed and accused the fire brigade of not stopping the fire, restoring the injustice, we have to throw our finger off that I'm late? What kind of criticism is that?

For the retroactive retirement block

"The government is not blocked, the State Legal Council, the decisions are individualized, we have not been legally obliged to offer storm retrospectives, it is a political will and a decision to give them because we have, and this government is trying to defend the weak, such as the big battle – which seems to be winning – to keep pensions intact – the question is whether the old system will be reformed in the 19 October elections, so we will not only have pension cuts, but we will have pension MTC Pinochet. They will burglary agreements with our European partners because there will be room will restore financial crimes. "

To increase tension in Greek-Turkish

"Turkey is a force that is critical and strong and it is important for Turkey to decide, Greece and other countries in the region have shaped the conditions to create a new energy map in the region with Greece – Cyprus – Egypt – Israel – we do not exclude Turkey from to this process on the basis of respect for international law – you decide on Turkey – you understand that it is not a bilateral issue, Greece is not threatening anyone, and it is not threatened by anyone, nor will amempolisoume our sovereign right.

For casus belli in the expansion of the seaside area

"It is not new, we will use our right, it might have been announced in the delivery receipt, the acting minister asked for it, she did a job, maybe we should have informed the political parties, I decided to change the tactics, not the strategy will be prolonged by presidential decrees, but by parliament, we start from the Ionian Sea and we have not denied our right to exercise it and where it is stipulated by international law. "

For Greek-American relations

"There are no new bases in the United States that are a crucial partner, we are not looking for protectors, and Greece is a critical country, Greece is in a critical position in geopolitical chess, the meeting of three continents.

We also have open channels with Russia. We have a multidimensional foreign policy. "

For the execution of Constantin Katsifa and the easy reaction of the Greek state

"Today is a mourning day for the family and the Greek community and I do not want to make a special comment." Make sure Greece did what it was supposed to do on the first day, and the other party promised us that the criminal investigation authorities would give us a full conclusion about this. This unpleasant event led us to forget that in the village of Vouliarates that day we had the funeral of the dead heroes in Albania after more than 70 years in the military cemetery, in the presence of the Greek culture minister. . It has to move to grant minority rights. We will go further in this debate. We have adopted policies to solve chronic problems in foreign policy. "

About the crime and the situation in Greek universities

"The issue of crime is not new, there has been an increase in criminality in the years of crisis, cumbersome crime has fallen in the last three years, we have to continue to deal with us, we have the police in custody and we went to the neighborhood. of the people We have quite discredited our universities, we do not do it anymore We live in popular neighborhoods – I live in Kypseli and my neighbors say with joy that you are here and we have the police In the same way in universities When a crime is committed against life, it would be better if the debate on modernizing universities does not focus on the situation, with the aim of creating private universities will have access to those who can afford it. "

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