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Turkey's unknown program for building a national submarine – SKAI (


The "Victory Faith" and control of the Aegean without "throwing the shotgun" is being pursued by Turkey in a methodical and persistent way! "Building" a credible and powerful defense industry that Erdogan has invested since the first day of his mandate began to pose a dangerous threat to Greece.

The real power of the Turks will not be either the F-35 or the S-400. The attempted overthrow is related to the navy, where Turkey has traditionally stayed behind Greece.

Ankara, after the construction of "national" warships, rapidly develops the design of Turkish submarine production, which wants to equip Turkish electronics and Turkish armaments with Turkish engineering. It is a development that, if it reaches the end, will bring the subsequent reversal of naval sovereignty over the Aegean.

Turkey is currently developing two extremely important shipbuilding projects. One has to do with the construction of six Reis submarines that are exactly the same as the 214 submarines, known as the PAPANIKOLI type!

The Thyssen Germans, after receiving the Greek billions for the four submarines, opposed and at a much lower cost! And that, because the program was developed, I paid!

This is well known and adds another question to the submarine, for which Greek justice will decide on the "black money" published today. The question is, why those who have negotiated the expensive submarine program have not unconditionally established the Germans, can not build the same thing in Turkey …

Do not answer …

The shipbuilding program, which is less known but more dangerous, is what they call MiLDEN (Milli Denizaltı). This is an ambitious attempt by the Turkish defense industry not only to design and develop a new class of submarines but also to develop electronic systems, telecommunication, sensors, propulsion and submarines!

The MiLDEN program started in March 2012 under the auspices of the Marine Research Center Administration in Turkey. The first phase of the program lasted until 2015 and referred to the feasibility study. The second phase – launched in 2015 – is finalized this year and includes the definition of technical and operational specifications of the submarine.

During this period, the Turkish defense industry has developed the national integrated submarine management system, the "national" sonar, the "national" torpedo and other related systems. In the coming years, by 2023, a Turkish company will try to develop a "independent power" national system (AIP) for new submarines. A system that will allow them to remain silent and "invisible" to diving for an unlimited period of time!

The third stage of the MiLDEN project includes body design and installation of the AIP system. The construction of the first submarine will begin in 2028 and the aim is to be delivered to the Turkish Navy in 2033.

Already many state and private contractors, as well as national research institutes, are working to develop and produce "indigenous" systems that will be installed in the six Reis type submarines (Type-214TN) and then use the MiLDEN submarine construction .

Aselsan will produce, install and integrate ESS ARES-2N in the Reis class, along with the Alper LPI radar, an integrated communications system, an X-band satellite communications system and a Carl Zeiss Optronics periscopic thermal imaging room.

Milsoft will develop Link-11/22 communication software, while Havelsan will integrate the SEDA (Sonar Integration and Control System) and TorakS (the SEDA torpedo launcher control system) with the Management System of the ISUS-90/72 fight (CMS) from the German company Atlas Elektronik.
TUBITAK-MAM, the State-owned research institute, is ready to develop hydrophones, control battery control, and introduce new submarine support systems. The propulsion system and a new generation of AIP will be developed by the Turkish company IdeaLab.
The Turkish Marine Marina held a 15-16 June submarine meeting at the Tuzla court.

There, the head of Turkey's Navy said, among other things:

"The fact that our naval forces can plan on the basis of their operational needs requires that we be able to achieve far more ambitious and larger projects with the support of the State Department of Defense Industry." The Turkish defense industry will be able to acquire its first submarine.

The Turkish naval marina wants to command the first "national" submarine in 2030. Turkey's chief of naval admiral Bostanoglu said in his speech that Turkey has gone so far because it made five corrections to the German submarines 214! Corrections accepted by the Germans. That is why Turkish submarines will differ in some places of Greek language by the fact that they have to do with their size.

It is estimated that Turkey's "national" submarine will have a 2,400-tonne displacement of 70 meters long and will be technologically based on 214TN German submarines. It is estimated that eight submarines will be built with a budget of 4.4 billion dollars.

All this time, in Greece, we strive to find a solution for the four 214 submarines, which are even the most modern conventional submarines in the world. What is the problem we are looking for for a solution? Submarines do not have modern torpedoes that can launch and use old torpedoes that eliminate many of their capabilities.


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