Thursday , December 9 2021

Zakynthos: Aid to the earthquake of Greece


Eight eighteen million economic measures for Zakynthos residents affected by the earthquake were taken yesterday at the ministerial meeting in Athens chaired by State Secretary Christoforos Vernardakis.

The inter-ministerial meeting was also attended by members of the Zakynthos state, Stavros Kontonis, who today announced a press conference at the Zakynthos regional building.

More precisely, Mr Kontonis has announced that extraordinary aid of € 5,000 for each affected dwelling or business, suspension of payments for earthquake borrowers, tax and insurance contributions, extensions to the existing tax, operates in Zakynthos but is based in outside the island, discharge from the IMF in 2018 for buildings that have been completely destroyed or damaged, irreparable to agricultural subsidies, an attempt to repay the amounts already seized.

Mr Kontonis also announced significant financial support for buildings that have suffered damage.

More specifically, € 100,000 for Hospital Damages, € 100,000 for the Social Assistance Project, € 3,500,000 for damage to Strofadia, € 180,000 for Castle and € 10,000,000 for Port Projects.

Source: RES-EAP

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