Thursday , March 23 2023

Crazy speculations of Bitcoin: 41,000 USD and reached a record level, US stocks have weaker data and weaker data | Apple Daily-Hong Kong Apple Daily


  1. Crazy speculations of Bitcoin | broke 41,000 US dollars and reached a record level, US stocks are weaker and data is weak | Apple DailyHong Kong Apple Daily
  2. Extreme fluctuation! Bitcoin suddenly withdraws after reaching a new high, and its gain is reduced to East Net
  3. Bitcoin has a price | exceeds the all-time high of $ 40,000, Bitcoin grows 13.1% in 24 hoursHong Kong 01
  4. Statistics indicate that the global market value of cryptocurrencies has increased by more than 1 trillion US dollarsAsdaq financial network
  5. The economic guest What is a balloon? (Zeng Guoping)Hong Kong Apple Daily
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