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How bad is the negative comment "OVERKILL Yin Gu Road"? The same number of people lost "L4D2" was also sprayed with "garbage" ? | 4Gamers

Until Nov. 10, more than 2,000 Theverkill reviews, The Walking Dead, which were quoted on Steam for 4 days, were officially reviewed, becoming "junk" in the eyes of Steam players and players who have not yet begun . You have the chance to change yourself.

In fact, he is the editor of OVERKILL Studios from Starbreeze from "Raid: World War II" (Lion Game Lion is a member of the OVERKILL studio team). As far as the evaluation of this game is concerned, most of the assessments are first and the good words are said to be ahead, but I can not do it …

However, unfortunately, "OVERKILL Yin Gang Road" has been purchased from the beginning and has brought you a number of negative experiences. Yes, those players who left a negative comment on Steam did not lie.from

Life is already so difficult, some things do not go through them. So, what happened to Studio OVERKILL?

Unpack the installation more than the download time

In the Internet era, downloading 19GB capacity is not a problem, but the crash is that it takes a long time to allocate hard disk space, and the initial upgrade of 25 MB after download is more of a ghost. Like the wall, the whole installation process is like the "World" in DIO.

It took almost 30 minutes for the publisher to read the book halfway, and then the remaining time told me 7 minutes, in fact, it took another 15 minutes to complete the unpacking. According to the comments, there are quite a few players who complain about this.

Read, wait, read, wait

After a long awaited start, finally getting into the game, like "Payday 2," the level of the game is shown on the map, the first "First Shot" is located in GeorgeTown, which is simply the starting point of the world view In this game, the player must Start with the defense base.

But then the problem is approaching, each level must be played by Match Making, it can not be an autonomous game, so the whole mating becomes long enough, this can be understood when the game is released for a while but OVERKILL Yin Chuang Lu was released on November 6th. A pair of 4 people can take even 3-5 minutes, which is hard to discourage.

Of course, after the group has finished 4 people, remember that the level should be read. It does not matter, to kill zombies, all waiting is worth it! Just as the party is ready to be delighted and ready to meet the first level, even more frustrating things happen again …

Bend yourselves if the "DTC" can get the wrong lead line

Yes, disconnection came too fast like a tornado. I thought Steam's comments were crushing, I thought my talent was not bad, but I was quickly sprinkled by the "Error Code". It took another 10 minutes to wait for the group to be 4 people. I did not expect the "Error code: Sunset" again when I made the connection for the second time …

The problem was only three, and the publisher resisted once again the temperament, eventually the group was full of 4 people, eventually we successfully entered the first level, at first the zombies broke through the gate north, I finally scratched the first zombie of the game. The cross rushed ahead and found that team mates had already used the machine gun to kill the first wave.

It's my Noob, it's okay, it's the next wave. Just as I came back and got ready to help build the fortifications, I gathered the second error code, "Basecamp" …

Coach, I just want to hit the zombie head ~! It's been an hour and a half since I bought this game. We've already received two error codes before killing the first zombie. Is this error code especially so called, or is it possible to do so?

In fact, besides Sunset and Basecamp, there is another error code called "Tent". Perhaps this means you will not be near the tent in the second round of "Hell or High Water" …

BUG is as much experience as zombies

BUG This type of game has every game, many players will find BUG unexpected after the previous game, this type of probability is not great, and as mentioned above, if you are not the best person, otherwise usually Steam Comment on those who complain about a lot of bugs, the mortal chances you meet are not really big.

But I was the person I chose that day, because I could not move when I was locked in the first level (and then I was beaten by the zombies).

The easiest to encounter in the current editing process is the Kardon image, zombie through the wall, the worst is the BUG value of the card and can suddenly understand that many players who played the beta test complain that the game is not fully optimized after the game is displayed. feelings.

By the way, the first level of "First Shot" was created three times before and after the team was successfully eliminated. It also shows that the game still has some difficulties.

The game is playable, the system is innovative, but the overall lack of surprises

To really say, "OVERKILL Ghost Road" is actually "Payday 2" "Left 4 Dead" Mod, which is very easy for players familiar with "Payday 2" to understand and start, and the role on the system Open 6 characters) and the base system has its own playback features.

Each character has his own talents, and the levels of these characters are separate. Therefore, a certain early-stage character can bring more strength to the fight, but the relative match in the wild group is less flexible.

Presentation of the level is not negligible, although the zombie action of the "Ghost Road" is not as exaggerated as "Left 4 Dead", but the number is quite high, plus the player's early combat power is low, limited ammo, Sub consumption of physical force, the initial experience of the wild group is quite frustrating.

In addition to character development, the player can also save the survivor from joining his own level camp, and at the same time has the concept of a survival game that will consume resources over time as the core partners are more , the higher the consumption of resources. You need to get resources through the level task and distribute the job properly and update the base. This makes the game more difficult to unlock.

It is a pity that everything seems to copy the way of playing the "Payday 2" mode of the past. Although the difficulty is classified as Hardcore Survival shooting, many systems and game experiences can be imagined, even if there is no penalty. It is a plus.

Though you must kill the zombie the same way, you who played "Left 4 Dead 2" and played Tank, you can not find much surprise here.

Although this is just like killing people but you played "Payday 2" and you played Dozer, you can not find too many surprises here.

If you really want to play, find first three guns that are willing to go the same way.

Once again, the publisher does not try to stop you from buying this game. Only the publisher of the mark, even if I have three bad languages, still can not convince me that the other three good friends are in the pit together but once they are together with the teammates. Join me in the game, I think the difficulty will be greatly reduced, and more can add the feelings of the other. You know, when the soldiers suffered together, the game is the same.

By the way, there is a quite important factor in the fact that the OVERKILL staff road itself is evaluated so negatively that the region's pricing strategy is different. According to SteamDatabase, "OVERKILL Ghost Road" sells for $ 59.99 in the US, equivalent to NT $ 1,847. You should understand why strangers are so disappointed and angry.

Fortunately, in Taiwan, we bought OVERKILL Yin Chuang Road for only 858 yuan, which is half the size of the US. If the OVERKILL team can fix optimization problems before the game and unfounded experience, it can be fun. However, according to Steam's record, even those who played "Left 4 Dead 2" had more than "OVERKILL Yin Chong Road".

into the

I thought "OVERKILL Yin Chuang Lu" was still a much awaited zombie masterpiece for many players last year. Currently, it seems that the OVERKILL body corridor, with a poor optimization and lack of surprise, still consumes the accumulation of teams "Payday 2" and OVERKILL. Reputation.

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