Friday , March 5 2021

Note for iPhone X users! Apple has confirmed that some of the models have "touch screen" defects and have announced repair and replacement for free! 3C free technology

Apple launched the iPhone X last year with a full 5.8-inch OLED "bang" screen. (Photo taken from iDropNews)

iPhone X users look over! Apple has determined that some components of the iPhone's display module X might be faulty, which could lead to touch problems. Already announced on the official website that affected users will be repaired for free.

In response to the iPhone's failure to display iPhone on the screen, Apple officially launched the iPhone Touch Problem Display Module on the official website and pointed out on this page that the affected device may appear " as part of the display or display area. "Touch action does not respond continuously or intermittently. "" The display responds when there is no tactile action. "

If you have an iPhone user on your hand, if you have similar problems in the near future, you can immediately notify Apple to verify and confirm that the machine is in the service and you can repair and replace the monitor module for free.

Please note that before you prepare to send your iPhone X for repair, it is recommended that the user make the first backup. In addition, if the iPhone X screen is repaired, if the screen has cracked and any damage that affects the repair, you must accept the copy. Solve the problem before the program repair service. In some cases, additional repairs may be required.

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