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The team will inform Panton pilot on Monday, October 29th. The team will conduct a survey on a tweet sent by him on Sunday, October 28th. The team is looking for Panton late. In this case, Panton was found guilty of having infringed Article 155 (5) of the Inappropriate Rules of Procedure. His inappropriate conduct was that he issued a tweet in his personal account at 17:30 on Sunday, October 28th. The message has the merit of criticizing the qualification of a current bidder on the Happy Valley race on October 28th. Panton was fined $ 5,000. In measuring punishment, the group took into account various factors, including Pan. In the past, he has actively assisted the Jockey Club in promoting the horse race, but the team has warned him that his suggestion to criticize other jockeys this time is not in the interest of the horse race. "

The above is Panton's post on Twitter in the last week.[八太子]To some extent, Panton's teaching on Twitter was not a bad word, but was counted by the director in the fall. The account was fined 5,000. The only inappropriate thing is that Panton used a mobile phone to connect to the social network when the event is over.

[興爾]Before coming to Hong Kong, the four races were all handled by Su Zhaohui, the three crowns and a hall included a level 3 competition, and in the last quarter it seemed that the Hong Kong roads were not adapted to soil and water, the performance being lower than expected. The trend is attractive, especially before the game, Su Zhaohui's pro-testing of the class, the status was also the level of competition, there is a saying[興爾]It is Su Zhaohui, who recommended the introduction of the horse owner. Of course, in the Hong Kong guests, of course, it is necessary to fight for it, it is worth winning and voting. Before that, I introduced twice in the soul of Su Zhaohui, but the show was very bad, but this time the event[興爾]In addition,[清福].[幸福分享]and[馬索爾]It is all hope of the horse. It's no worse than Tian Tai, who played for ten games, but the odds are 11 times valuable, and then they are tracked many times.

Epilepsy gall bladder horse seventh field 3 Xinger

Epileptic King Dog Rider 5 Su Zhaohui

(Information Group 10/11/2018)

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