Monday , August 15 2022

Cosmopolitan Tester Trend brand


The magazine deals with the novelty of beauty, fashion, gastronomy, technology, travel and cars. 100% self-manufactured, glossy content relies solely on testing products and services, that is reviews.


On the cover page is the Long Katinka Olympic Champion and supermodel Enikő Mihalik, two internationally known country leaders who have tested the exciting elements in the magazine.

"We started promoting the magazine with a funny mini video campaign on Enikő Mihalik's YouTube channel. In the first film, Katinka" taught "to swim Eniko, and in the second, Enikő showed Katinka's positives. we have revealed the common title " He shared it Johanna Sabján, editor-in-chief of the magazine, then add: "I think that the experience of reading magazines can be upgraded and has a lot of opportunities for itself, especially since Cosmopolitan's target group is early adopters and loves the novelties." It was interesting to work with influential people, so we can not just talk about our big annual Cosmopolitan Blogger Days events. "

Among testers, besides Cosmopolitan publishers and readers, there are conductors such as Eszter Iáz, Vivien Madai, Fifty Pairs of Shoes, Viktor Király, Dorottya Kovács, Rubin Rella, Dallos Bogi and many others. Custom reports and reviews will certainly help readers in product selection.

"Even if we were able to find one or two stickers in magazines, focusing on so many samples of products in a magazine, we created a new genre. This makes the Cosmo Tester a unique unique edition in the world and we already intend to continue " He said Péter Erdélyi, Central Media Group's magazine marketing manager.

Cosmopolitan Tesztter was placed on the shelves of news agencies on November 23 or until January 31 or until the stock is available.
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