Saturday , August 13 2022

Dying Light 2 – Techland calmed everyone down after Pawel Selinger left


  • Dying Light 2 narrative designer Pawel Selinger has left Techland
  • However, the studio assured everyone that this will not affect development
  • Selinger was replaced by Piotr Szymanek in October 2020

Last night came the news that Pawel Selinger, a veteran of Techland and a major developer of Dying Light 2, left the studio after twenty-two years, so he could no longer help the game work. And Techland has now responded to this situation with a statement assuring everyone that Dying Light 2 is still in the best possible hands.

According to the studio, Pawel Selinger worked on the game from the beginning, leaving a solid imprint on his hand, but still managed to find a suitable replacement in his place, namely Piotr Szymanek, who became the narrative designer of Dying Light 2 in October. 2020. That’s why the veteran developer’s departure doesn’t stop work in any way, according to Techland, which also promised to come up with interesting news about the project soon.

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