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“I’m glad I took one of my favorite drinks,” says the Hungarian designer, who worked on the unique A $ AP Rocky T-shirt.


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In December, Marine Serre launched her co-designed collection with AWGE, which was promoted with A $ AP Rocky. And in one of the released photos, the rapper posed in an outfit with a 110-year-old Unicum poster on it.

As it turned out, they knew nothing about this at Zwack, Sándor Zwack never knew the rapper or Marine Serre, he just told us that they found out about the capsule collection from the international press, but he is glad that “their 1910 poster it is still there today. may be relevant ”.

When asked if they intended to take the matter to court, they replied that they were not yet dealing with it, but now it turned out that they probably would not really know. The dress is a unique piece made of worn t-shirts, ie the Unicum poster on the dress was not printed on it by the designers, it used to decorate an old, worn t-shirt. This was told to us by a Hungarian designer, Flóra Poprádi, who participated in the design of the Marine Serre capsule collection as a design assistant.

The Unicum poster was placed on clothing due to a total coincidence, as well as the coincidence that this piece was photographed in advertising materials.

Half of Marine Serre’s collection is made in a sustainable way – either the material itself is recycled or other products are recycled using a method called “upcycling”, such as jeans, leather, carpets, scarves and T-shirts. The pieces in the collection are made of worn T-shirts, so the unique T-shirt could have been placed on one of the pieces in the collection, “said Flóra, who added that the dress consisted of at least ten T-shirts and since most T-shirts have only one are mass-produced and are the same, however, due to the different models, each dress is sold differently, ie completely unique pieces.

“Once a Hungarian got bored of his unique T-shirt and threw it away, so that he could reach the Marines, who gave him new life. I didn’t choose it, but I feel like a lucky coincidence because I worked very, very much on this collection and I’m glad that one of my favorite drinks got a job.

Said Flora, who, by the way, completed her master’s degree in fashion and textiles at MOME last year, before which she completed her bachelor’s degree in Copenhagen. In recent years, he has worked in Barcelona, ​​London and, more recently, in Paris, and is currently a designer at Cukovy, an in-house brand. Along with him, he works on his personal projects, whose “central element is the study of his dual identity that results from his multiculturalism in the language of visuality.”


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