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There aren’t many people in my memory about where I was when he died. Elvis Presley one of those few, the other Grace Kelly.

In August 1977, together with some of my petrol friends, we embarked on the most exciting adventure of our lives to date: we embarked on our first tour of Western Europe. Why was this a special adventure? After all, forty-three years ago, it was no longer an unearthly privilege to receive a blue passport. The adrenaline in this case drove us out of the blood from the fact that all five of us – four boys, one girl – were blinking a fake Interrail train card. (See also the cult film Moscow Square.) Now, more than four decades later, I can tell you that we did not fall down after leaving Austria, we were not even delighted, as naive guides accepted without problems our “fake” books, quite primitive.

On the seventeenth of August, he was in Scotland Loch Lomond I wandered the picturesque shore when I received The Sun number that day.

King Elvis Dead – He was 42 years old and single,

he shouted the cover, informing us that the King was 42 years old and alone when the fatal heart attack took him.

Well, today is the anniversary of his birth, not his death, his eighty-sixth. He could still live as smoothly as his widow, Priscilla he lives too …

If you visit the E-bay website, you can order a T-shirt made for the 86th anniversary of Elvis Presley with the portrait and signature of the king with or without the word, for example, the world is ready for the anniversary, even if 86 is not a round number. And he’s pretty sure there will be a lot of clothing left, because even 43 years after his death, no one can compete with Elvis’ popularity in the pop culture world. It is an unprecedented feat in the industry for someone’s numbers to lead the charts in the United States without interruption for half a year, since the Heartbreak Hotellel erupted in the charts like a tornado in March 1956, renting No. 1 there.

Although Elvis Aaron Presley was born in Tupelo, Mississippi, on January 8, 1935, the family moved to Memphis in 1948 and decided the fate of the 13-year-old. As you know, Memphis is simply the birthplace of rock and roll, the capital of most world stars: Aretha Franklin, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison, Booker T. & the MG’s, Otis Redding, Isaac Hayes, Shawn Lane, Al Green, Rance Allen, Percy Sledge, Solomon Burke (personal favorite with Cry To Me), William Bell, Sam & Dave and BB King. The latter was also named for a Memphis pub on Beale Street called BB King’s Blues Club.

Elvis’ story actually began when the 19-year-old entered the Sun Avenue studio in Memphis, Union Avenue, in the summer of 1954. Between July 5, 1954 and July 11, 1955, Elvis sang nineteen songs recorded from Harbor Lights to Mistery Train. Bob Dylan later recalled when he first encountered these numbers:

“Hearing Elvis was like feeling a man released from prison.”

The truth is, a year earlier, Elvis had already made a studio recording at his own expense, which he gave to his mother as a birthday present, but it was just an initial, awkward rehearsal. The story actually started a year later. Being a respectable afternoon, every guy who called a man older than him was in a way almost incomprehensible at home in every branch of pop music, whether it was white or white music, r & b, rock, gospel. , country, whatever we want. Duke Ellington’s eternal saying really applied to him:

“Music, music; there are only two ways: good and bad ”.

And Elvis’ music was extremely good.

Elvis was hired by RCA on January 1, 1956 and enlisted in the United States Army for two years. In those two years – between the ages of 21 and 23 – he first shot four films (Love Me Tender, Elvis – Love Me, Jailhouse Rock, King Creole), but that’s the smaller feat. The biggest thing is that he only sold more of the records he recorded in these two years than any other singer or band in the fifties!

By the way, Elvis has never recorded a record with Sun before, at least not consciously. But on December 4, 1956, he looked in the studio and saw a Carl Perkins song being recorded. The pianist was a certain guy named Jerry Lee Lewis, the same age as Elvis, and behind the scenes he glanced at another guy who was later known in the world as Johnny Cash. Elvis didn’t need anything anymore, he jumped on the piano and the improvised quartet of Perkins, Lewis, Presley, Cash started a fantastic jam session. Sam Phillips, the owner of the business – he was already brilliant when the competition was still perfect – “accidentally” left the tape recorder and took over the improvisation known as The Million Dollar Quartet.

A curiosity in the history of music is that in 1985 the great quartet reunited, of course without Elvis, who had been dead for eight years. Roy Orbison he jumped inside. Thus:

Interestingly, journalist G. Bruce Boyer – not an English teacher by the way – said that Presley’s career at leaving Sun Studio and being sucked in by Hollywood under pressure from his manager, Colonel Parker, was a slow slowdown. but safe from drug addiction, continuing a hopeless fight with obesity. It may be a strong exaggeration, but the untouched and naive nineteen-year-old boy who entered the studio no longer existed. Elvis made no less than 31 films during his lifetime, the vast majority being poor quality lemonade, and although he sang a lot of evergreens from Jailhouse Rock to Love Me Tender, he led a straight path until August 16th. 1977, when he was found dead on the bathroom floor of his Graceland mansion. his girlfriend, Ginger Alden.

He had an unparalleled work behind him. One hundred and eight numbers were among the top 100 hits in the charts, together for 67 weeks, one of her songs ranked 100th on the Billboard charts.

It is a very dear episode for us Hungarians that Elvis defended for our revolution. When he last sang on the famous Ed Sullivan show on CBS on January 6, 1957, almost 65 days almost a day later, he performed seven songs, one of which, Gospel Peace in the Valley, was dedicated to the memory of the Hungarian Revolution. .

Ed Sullivan himself spoke out, calling a spectator who raised 25 million Swiss francs in a few days to help refugees in Hungary.

Perhaps this touching gesture also contributed to Leonard Bernstein’s statement in the late 1960s that Elvis had the greatest and most lasting impact on twentieth-century culture. And when a Time magazine reporter asked back that it might not be Picasso, the great composer-conductor shook his head:

– Well, Elvis.

(Cover image: Elvis Presley in 1975. Photo: Keystone / Getty Images)

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