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Marco Rossi: I have never had problems with Jussi Balázs


Marco Rossi (Photo: Dömötör Csaba)

– That's how Balázs Jussiak returns.
"Time is coming," said Marco Rossi, the captain of the Hungarian Federation of the narrow conference call conference. "I could not rely on this because of the two ads at that time, because it was late in the summer and the time came to catch it. I talked to him many times, I know he did everything he can for to play football in Europe, I'm sorry she did not meet. However, in recent weeks, the United Arab Emirates has been better off. "His performance had no complaints, so he did extra work to – and he turned his coat on to him. Overall, I thought it was the right time to return to the national team, he was not ready in September and October, right now.

– Do you consider yourself a parent?
– It depends on the role you play. I'm not afraid of getting a common denominator, I never had any problems with Balazs. When I did not call, I honestly said why not. As I have never been secret, I do not consider it too much. Not to mention that one of the best left legs in Hungary is …

– You have the captain's banderola?
– If he is on the field from the first minute, yes, if not, he will be covered by Ádám Szalai. Another question is that Adam has struggled in the last few days, we can not yet know if I will be able to compete against him in the Finnish League games on the next Thursday and then three days later. And if Adam was questioned, I'm telling you something – it's public, because I've already told her. The point is that when I saw him playing before, he was not always the way he gestured on the track that he was behaving against his comrades. But from the moment he became captain, he was impressed by his attitude. He will do everything for the team, willing to do everything for success, the Greek game was basically a back to the right. I need such people because in faceted situations the difference may be.

"Everything sounds nice and good, but the last meeting, some finals in Estonia, have not been erased from their memories.
– I do not know! All his moments are in front of me. In the seventy-two hours we lost in Athens, we got to a tie in Tallinn, the last one more embarrassed. Until today I was confronted for our match in Estonia. If someone makes a technical mistake, they say he's in football. If someone makes a tactical mistake, it is less so, because the tactics are well known, but they also say there is a disruption in this field as well. But what is inadmissible in my eyes is if someone does not have a good mentality! In my team, there is no way to betray his father-in-law's father. You can play badly but never fly! The first day we set the rules, everyone knows about them. An important factor of selection is the constant toy, the more important the good shape is, but the most important is the motivation. If I do not see the same determination as disappointed I will be so angry. Do not be misunderstood, everyone can make a mistake, but it is not good if one fails one after another, because it has to take into account the consequences.

– That's right?
"What I saw in Tallinn in Tallinn was the first and last time. If I find that someone else is not sacred to the national team again, I will go out of the box that day, and as long as I am the captain, I will no longer receive an invitation.

– Tell me who he is?
– Please be happy with two players. Some of them played well against the Estonians, others less, but faced with the attitude of the two footballers concerned, after just five minutes, they asked each other with the other staff members. None of us understood what was happening. Even more, I still do not understand what happened. Of course, I would like to clarify this issue with stakeholders as soon as possible – in the presence of the whole team in terms of team interests.

Balázs Dzsudzsák fought for a return (Photo: Koncz György)

– Not used in Hungary …
– I'm a direct counselor. If there are difficulties, you can overcome them. It also happens to me that the work is empty, but then I will put another shovel. However, my belief that it happened in Tallinn will not be an example, we all know the case. I also say that because I lived in Honvéd and Dunaszerdahely, I found the right solution for both clubs. The coach has enough time for a week to let the players know what a man is. If accepted, they will be behind, but for this the trainer must be credible. I'm trying to be, so I put the rules out right from the start.

– How do you think football has accepted today?
– Feedback indicates this. With my colleagues, we think they appreciate our efforts, they like the new direction. I think the players do everything they can to evolve.

– The Hungarian national team is ranked fifth in the FIFA rankings. Is it realistic?
"I think we should take a more distinctive position, although my words are worthless, we have to win the next two games, and I do not think we will be worse than the Finns and the Greeks, but the group stands out. I would be thrilled to win the Estonian and Finnish team with good games, but I do not regret that if we lose the good game, we simply win. And if there is a way to do it, it does not have any purpose, because I admit that it is very unfortunate that none of our four meetings has left us intact.

– How can the situation improve, how much can you help Willi Orbán in the last two clashes? Should the captain of the RB Leipzig team become the leader of the Hungarian national team?
"In October, I noticed Willi was not someone who was talking too much – and not because he had a communication problem and eventually everyone in English or German. Step by step you can still go to the the top of the team We need it Besides the best Tamás Kádár He is one of those soccer players who have more than what he has He made mistakes from which I scored but I trust him or that he's back on the right track.

– In the League of Nations, the group has disappeared, but the rest of the fall still threatens the national team. Is the avoidance of the goal in the other two games?
– Getting the six points is the goal! It would be important to the team and at least as important to supporters. We lose confidence in the lost profit due to the lack of success in the previous period. I feel something is happening in this area, but I built it in the first three games in Tallinn we destroyed it. I know how much he likes football in Hungary, how important he is to the national team and I hope we will win the last two matches this year. How many people live in the country? Ten million, right? Although my exact statistics are not relevant, I think at least two million people stand in front of the TV and see the national team matches. Players need to be aware of how much they gather them and make a happy nation of victory. Listen! I was not a talented footballer, but I came in Serie A. Because of my perseverance and dedication. The members of the Hungarian team were blessed with more talent than me, it depends only on them, how much they take them out of themselves. There are some who have already reached the heat, and others have the opportunity – but without determination, it is not worth trying. If you do not believe me, ask the coach of the team Fortunately, Luigi Febbrarit. He was my coach … It was a long time ago, but I did everything to overcome my limits. I was dependent on all the preparation as a chance to evolve. Finally, I touched my attitude, dreamed of a baby head, I managed to get on the ground in the first Italian class. Pain and confusion did not come to me – so it is very much for me to be the Hungarian captain of Hungary. In Italy, the team is considered to be the mirror of the trainer's personality. That's why I also want to be surrounded by general purpose players.

– Do you still think I can be successful?
– Yes, I believe! Even better everyday!

The judge is not a word
Marco Rossi also shared some thoughts with journalists about arbitration.
"After the last two matches, the referee's performance was in critical terms, and later, I should not have expected." Judges are also people, they can make mistakes, and I make mistakes, they know that I'm passionate about games, but in the future I try to focus only on my team and I have to set an example in that. Just because I am a country like a federal captain.

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September 8th, Saturday
Finnország-HUNGARY 1-0
Estonia-Greece 0-1
September 11, Tuesday
HUNGARY– Greece 2-1
Finland-Estonia 1-0
Friday, October 12th
Görögország-HUNGARY 1-0
Estonia-Finland 0-1
Monday, October 15th
Észtország-HUNGARY 3-3
Finland-Greece 2-0

November 15, Thursday

20.45: Greece-Finland
20.45: Budapest, Arena Groupama, HUNGARY-Észtország
November 18th, Sunday
20.45: Budapest, Arena Groupama, HUNGARY-Finnország
20.45: Greece-Estonia

1. Finland 4 4 5-0 5 12
2. Greece 4 2 2 3-4 -1 6
3. HUNGARY 4 1 1 2 5-6 -1 4
4. Estonia 4 1 3 3-6 -3 1

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