Wednesday , March 29 2023

Men's EHF Handball Handball – Tatabánya at the group stage


Rebound will be held in Sittard next Sunday, the Combat Combat winner will be in the group of 16 teams.


Men's EHF Cup Qualification, 3rd Round, First Foot:
Grundfos Tatabánya KC – OCI-LIONS (The Netherlands) 31-18 (14-9)
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the most successful players in Tatabánya: Vujovic 10, Grigoras 6, Juhász Á. 5

Surprisingly, the latest silver medal of the Dutch championship started to be better (3-5), but after nine minutes it was not in the net. Tatabánya was penalized by a 6-0 series, led by Ádám Juhász with five goals in the break (14-9).

At the beginning of the second half, Milos Bozovic of the left-handed Balos made a big blow to the game due to a serious injury to the ankle, and Ferenc Ilyés had a number of problems during the defense attack. In the 42nd minute – due to the third show – Adriano Sipos was lost by the host, who then led with nine goals.

The coach of Vladan Matics reorganized the team to some extent, who continued to be the leader of Milos Vujovic. The difference reached ten hits, which also contributed to the defense of Márton Székely, and the players who made the substitution were also useful in the game. The Hungarian team has further increased the advantage in the race, which was certainly the first to decide to move.

Baník Karviná (Czech Republic) -Balatonfüredi KSE 33-34 (16-20)


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