Saturday , May 28 2022

More and more people are affected by honeycomb tunnel syndrome


More and more people, especially middle-aged women, are affected by tense and painful wrist tightness syndrome: without proper treatment – untranslatable – muscular distraction can be the disease, said the orthopedic specialist at M1 in Budapest on Sunday.

Moravcsik Bence Balázs said: "The cause of the disease is very common hormonal; pregnancy, thyroid dysfunction or renal failure – most commonly in the ankles – develops a rash that dissolves at night in the body, so swelling can occur in the wrist, which causes head swallowing and chronic tangles.

Disease can also develop as a consequence of joint wrist fractures that are not completely related to age or, during their occupation, with continuous movements of mild movement. According to the specialist, too much use of the computer and smart phones can contribute to the disease.

Wrist tunnel syndrome can be treated with ointment even at the initial stage, but if the symptoms do not pass, it is advisable to contact an orthopedic specialist or a dentist.

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