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Népszava Vízilabda BL – A four-game victory against Eger against Steaua


After that, Hungarian Football Federation President Sándor Csányi realized he was wrong to leave Georges Leekens in a team that has improved his performance with Marco Ross.

After Leekens replaced Bernd Storck on October 30, 2017, the 69-year-old Belgian coach was able to judge for a long time only the sympathetic, but least controversial, statements that could have led to the selection in March 2018 in clear terms. The season was unusual in the cold season and then everyone smiled at the scene, Kazakhstan won 3-2 in a friendly match at Groupama Arena after 10 minutes at 2-0.

A few days later, Scotland beat the Hungarian assembly, which was shocked by public opinion in June after Leekens's leadership: a man who had no sign of progress was "escaped" 1-1 in Belarus and lost to 2-1 in Australia in Australia's farce of Budapest. While Leekens pointed out that he had seen progress, he closed the team preparations without having trouble leaking into the locker, saying that Leekens was not the most suitable person to lead the team in the League of Nations in September.

At this point, the Hungarian alliance was determined to change.

The captain was started – later MLSZ's first man, Sándor Csányi, admitted that he made a mistake when Leeken was elected. Belgian was previously the gold medal with the Honvéd Budapest championship, replacing Marco Rossi with the bronze medal at Dunaszerdahely.

A nice thing is self-criticism, but in the Italian debut in Finland, the impact of the fallen months was remarkable in Finland, the team lost 1-0 in Tamper. Rossi continued his success in the first match on his own field, but the Greeks were more successful than the Greeks, and finally they were eleven.

Joy was followed by a weaker month, but home matches that ended last week in NL showed why Rossi was the right captain: the Estonian and Finnish defeated 2-0 against Finland have already begun to play in the Rossi teams, aggressively attacked his opponent and, most importantly, took advantage of his position. After the end-of-year match, Ádám Szalai, the second-round finalist of the NL group, raised the question that would have been if there were no Leekens blinds in the first half.

"The second place is a good overall result, in our last two home games we showed that we grew very much," said Ross Holmes, known by Ross, in the coat of arms of Népsave in the coffin coat of arms, Honvéd 2017 the champion team.

"- Marco Rossi was the same man he had then, his attitude and mentality have not changed anything. It was no coincidence that he was successful with Honved and Dunashedda."

With three successes, two draws and five defeats, he ended the year with a negative balance, with a select but positive charge. Ross played in a match match with a style that is obvious. The players accepted the Italian who faces the most difficult task in his career in 2019: MLSZ clearly expects him to lead the team in a continental continental tower in 2020.

Effective and human striker

In all eleven national matches this season, Ádám Szalai (who may be only László Kleinheisler), who left a team captain in the absence of Balázs Dzsudzsák, scored five goals as the most successful national team player. For fans of Hoffenheim's off-field attack, fans could be proud of him: Before playing for Finn, he placed his heater on the playmaker playing in front of him and released the shirt to a boy after blowing. On Monday, he has already donated six special dumbbells to the Bethesda pediatric hospital, on behalf of the Time Time Foundation, on his own charity.

This team's result this year

March 23, 2018
Hungary-Kazakhstan 2-3
March 27, 2018
Hungary-Scotland 0-1
June 6, 2018
Belarus-Hungary 1-1
June 9, 2018
Hungary-Australia 1-2
September 8, 2018
Finland-Hungary 1-0
September 11, 2018
Hungary-Greece 2-1
October 12, 2018
Greece-Hungary 1-0
October 15, 2018
Estonia-Hungary 3-3
November 15, 2018
Hungary-Estonia 2-0
November 18, 2018
Hungary-Finland 2-0

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