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Rose was the destiny of Ferencváros, and Lanzafame 11 was also defended


With a goal in a penalty, he defeated Haladás at Ferencváros in the 14th round of the fourth round of football, and the Szombathely team hit for the third time in the capital of Budapest.

They took off (Photo by Tamás Unger)


Haladás-Ferencváros 1-0 (Gaal B. from 52 to 11)
Szombathely, Progress Stadium, 8294 views. led: Ádám Farkas


It started in a festive atmosphere for the champion of the Saturday march, Ferencváros. The association founded in 1919 played the 1 000th-8th NB I on Saturday and, after broadcasting, the crowd retorted from crowded stadiums and home fans hoped to enjoy the trio of whistles …

Although the leader was tense by the raider, Szombathelys had been in the first half of the season, and the capital had only finished racing. Dániel Rózsa, who retained the goalkeeper – despite the big defeat in the 2-0 defeat against Újpest, despite the defeat of Ferenc Horváth – triggered Leandro's free kick in the first half as well as a distant and unpleasant blow to Marcel Heister. Vasiak, who fled from the elimination, tightly closed his edges, Davide Lanzafame moving in an infinite role was actually neutralized, but Daniel Böde caught in the middle of the high midfield, but when the visitors were behind the defense, the entrance inaccurate came to the front.

And if Fradi's extreme play …

It seems like everyone in Serhij Rebrov was really uncalled, and Bőle Lukács entered the right wing as a right hand stick in front of Varga Roland. The 13-year-old national team wins the first leg against the 1-0 Puskas Academy and has only been replaced by the DVTK (4-1) and MTK (2-0) subsequent matches, and Saturday's Champions also played a dangerous game On the bench.

The rest of the Fradi is due to the host team's football, Szombathelys following Karol Mészáros and Reagy Byos on the balls they received and one of the central balls of the latter was cut by Leandro from the neck of the goal the arrival of Priskin Tamás. However, Halad was not in the higher position for the first forty-five minutes, so Dénes Dibusz did not have to show much defense as his colleague.

The second half of the punishment would have been a joke, but that's why Gaal Balint He managed to keep his cool and put the keeper in the game, scoring the 0 – 2 goal. Progress's forty-five minutes were dominated by Stefan Szpirovszki, with an impressive 72 percent possession of the ball. he was too tired. It is not too long for Ferencváros to get a penalty on the other side, Laszlo Tamás withdrew the Italian offensive from his shirt, but Ádám Farkas's whistle remained silent. With Tamás Priskin, who was left but still in the top, he led the ball a few meters to the left.

Fradi tried to increase the pace and pressure, shot by Dániel Böde at the right head Dennis Rózsa he defended him, who then became the hero of the game ten minutes before defeating. After Laszlo Tamás was penalized after defeating the guests, after a previous round, a goalkeeper criticized Davide Lanzafame's potion. The spectators really fought for defense – in a week, the 33-year-old goalkeeper experienced the most beautiful and most beautiful part of his life before the goal line. After the lost penalty, the game became even more tense after several fouls, and in the last position again the goalkeeper in Szombathely was defended.

Eventually, Péter Halmosi ended the celebration, the Szombathely club club entered the four hundred NB I game, and after the coup he and his comrades celebrated. After the end of November, Haladó defeated Ferencváros again, and Ferenc Horváth enjoyed the first victory after defeat – if not, then the defeat of the leader could give an impetus to continue.


NB I, 2018-2019, ROUND 14
DVTK-DVSC 1-0 Miskolc, the DVTK stadium 2553 Zoltán Iványi
Academia MTK-Puskas 3-2 Budapest, New Hidegkuti Nándor Stadium 1849 Balázs Berke
Kisvárda-Újpest 1-4 Kisvárda, Várkerti Sporttelep 2280 Ádám Németh
Paks-Honvéd 0-0 Paks,
City Stadium
1283 Gergely Szőts
Haladás-Ferencváros 1-0 Szombathely, Haladó Stadium 8294 Ádám Farkas
11 NOVEMBER, Sunday
3:30 p.m.: Mezőkövesd-Mol Vidi (TV: M4 Sport) Eger,
City Stadium
Peter Solymosi
TABLE • top scorers
1. Ferencváros TC 14 9 3 2 27-11 16 30
2. Budapest Honvéd 14 8 3 3 18-8 10 27
3. MTK Budapest 14 7 3 4 21-20 +1 24
4. Mol See FC 12 6 4 2 24-12 12 22
5. Újpest FC 13 6 4 3 16-10 6 22
6. Debrecen VSC 14 5 6 3 20-18 2 21
7. Paksi FC 14 5 5 4 19-18 +1 20
8. Mezőkövesd Zsóry FC 13 5 4 4 21-17 4 19
9. Academia Puskás FC 14 4 2 8 16-22 -6 14
10. Diósgyőri VTK 14 2 3 9 11-24 -13 9
11. Kisvárda 14 2 3 9 13-32 -19 9
12. Progress in Szombathely 14 2 2 10 12-26 -14 8

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