Saturday , March 6 2021

Test: these are the best mayonnaise now on store shelves in Hungary

In the domestic store you can find many mayonnaise. The appearance of the product is not surprising, because its use is versatile. The result of an investigation now shows which of the most popular mayonnaise is at home.

In the last test of Supermenta, a versatile, mayonnaise sauce was investigated by the National Food Additives (Nébih). The 22 controlled products were also dissolved at this time by their "atoms". Among other things, erucic acid plant toxins and HAP contaminants, allergens and preservatives have also been found. Sauces with sauces were safe, but two mayonnaise preservatives were slightly above the prescribed limit.

In addition to complex Nébih tests, office specialists conducted a series of laboratory tests in mayonnaise. What is found everywhere:

  • Humidity,
  • fat,
  • the erucic acid content (plant toxin)
  • labeled with omega-3 fatty acid,
  • the composition of the vegetable oil,
  • the content of sorbic acid preservatives,
  • The antioxidant content of EDTA,
  • pH
  • Contamination with PAH,
  • sulfur dioxide content.

It is reassuring that mayonnaise, which does not contain mustard or egg, is really free of these ingredients. In addition, allergen-free zebrate found no traces of the products in the products tested on-site. In the case of four randomly selected mayonnaise bottles, the total capping of the caps was also tested, which also complied with the limit set by the EU regulation.

There were problems

Of the 22 mayonnaise, a total of three products had a problem for which an official procedure was initiated: one had deficiencies in marking and the other two was due to a quality and marking error. Due to various easy marking errors, food business operators are warned by specialists and need to submit an action plan to correct them. Due to the presence of a preserver over the limit value, ie a quality error, Nébih supervisors will impose a total of 300,000 food sanctions for the two products against the companies concerned.

The next product had a higher conservation ratio:

  • Topeco mayonnaise
  • Lion Mayonnaise – no eggs

These are the most popular mayonnaise

As far as the popularity test is concerned this time, lay experts and experts could evaluate products through a tasty tasting method. The Supermen's mayonnaise rating was based on an external appearance, color, flavor and taste. Of the products studied, the Univera mayonnaise was the one who preferred the tasting experience. Penny's second product, while the third was Real Mayonnaise.

Home Picture: Nébih.


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