Saturday , January 16 2021

The Hungary-Korea-Korea hockey game has missed

Because of the jargon jargon of the Hungarian jag, he failed to tear down the dictatorship against the Koreans in the National Nation torn in Budapest.

The only thing planned for tonight is to go back to the old retired player, Krisztin Budai, young man. Kovcs Csabt and Vaszjunyin Artyom were inspired by the Hungarian spirit.
After the Hungarians warmed up, one of the palaces of our palace was taken out of the house, and then we had trouble with the step: in the multifunctional room, there was a place where the girdle became tired. They did not let me start, and the gossip 25 minutes after the planned start-fuck fuck! he was eager for him – jgrl went down.

Zebrk did not have the ability to defeat the iceForrs: MTI / Czagny Balzs

After the struggle for ordering and freezing, which you heard about "everything in the neck," the leaders were consulted and the team team also checked the ice. Since the defendants were unimaginably vicious, they had to return home to Tskecharnok in 1823, almost two decades later.
We would like to play a game with Mr-Koreans, but this can not be eliminated – said Vas Jnos, a team captain who brought him to a pavement filled with a tomb of mg that was not left out. "this jgfellet no longer plays a kt daily game, I'm sorry for the fans," he added.

It was organized by MJSZ late afternoon, indicating that "the right time in the morning" is not organized in the afterlife. He once expressed his disappointment with the teams and the crowd, and he indicated that he was mistaking some of the wicked in the world and that was the reason why he made the drukker.
The universe considers this to be unacceptable"Tskecarnok in the corner did not have a level of leadership, no technical support and no technical equipment that could have helped with this mistake.""We will throw Tskecharnok on the financial and financial failures of our capital, and the national sports centers will pick them up.
On Saturday, the Hungarians will play the tournament tour at 16 rtl with the Italian vlogat.

The team decided that Kazakhstan won the tournament, and after winning 3-2 against Italy, it won three victories and a defeated team.

Kazakhstan-Italy 3-2 (1-1, 1-0, 1-1)
The following are: 1. Kazakhstan 9 points / 3 mrzzs – Turner, 2. Italy 3/2, 3. Hungary 0/1 (1-3), 4th Korean Ranking 0/2 (5-10)

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