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The unique balls in Russia, but we're in the basket on Eb


A ball hit 56-53 on the Hungarian basketball dump with the Russian team from Ekaterinburg to the Eb sands. In the first flute, the Hungarian debut was badly played, but in the second it was great and it also led the way. With this, Norbert Szkely has emerged from the European Championships since 2019 as well as from the Olympic Winter Games for the 2020 Olympics.

It seems we have to leave our team in Ekaterinburg.

It is a good job for the professional team to play at 32 meters in Ekaterinburg, the basketball team in Hungary. There are more people here than in Hungary, so there is no need to ask if local time was at 11 am (morning 7), and Norbert Szkely, the captain of the world, did a little more. Even so, this time at Eurolig, it is not unreasonable that the Russians did not play Moszk. you know the Hungarian team comes from a tyrant here to go as much as possible. We could be right here, and we could go to Krasnoyarsk, for example.

The match was a long time ago. The Hungarian debut on the basketball team of +199 points led the list of Eb scores. Of the eight groups, the six best moments went to Eb and it was supposed to be an atomic break to get out of there. However, Hungarian specialists took the fight seriously, Norbert Szkely, the captain of the capital, did not quite say that we rushed to come with the Russians. Let's say it would be more brave, but the captain would only think of the witch. We love to kiss when we find brkldst: FIBA ​​has held Serbian Jelena Szmiljanics back to our neck, which fired the Euroleague Fenerbahce-Sopron (successful) match, FIFA and the Miskolc EB Lithuanian scandal. )

In Russia, the Russians had a hard jobForrs: MKOSZ Pksz Endre

The game started with Goree's basket and the Hungarian team started playing, which led to 2-0 and 4-2. It was an additional task for Bernadet Hatter, the Russians were nervous and Dubei was 6-2. With the exception of Musina doubles, the first flush led the home team to 8-6 in the 5th minute. The Russians were beaten by the fact that, after a 10-0 shot on Vieru's basket, they were beaten dead in a row, so I did not know anything from the beginning. 2-6 to 12-6, this did not bring jl.

Musina has tripled, was 13-0 and Norbert Szkely did not go any further, he had to kill. The Russians had 15 points, Musina and Vieru threw. Goree shook the Hungarian silence, 15-8, and then Raksnyi mr threw the third Hungarian homology into a bad bad shirt. Quarter Judit Barnai gave up the box, leaving Russia in 16-8 minutes for 10 minutes.

Dubei Debra tr for the Russian basketForrs: MKOSZ Pksz Endre

There is no need to say that the 8 throws were very low in 10 minutes and we had to change it further. We started the second quarter, our fast teams finished successfully, we had 18-14, the Russians had time. Varga doubles at 18-16, the match was tight, now I was 8-2.

Not too much, because the death of Hatter's defeat was followed by the first Russians, then by the other. Musina took us alone when he attracted a small power, again with 9 points, 25-16 ruled by the Russians. The Russian team lost a lot of time with the big battles.

The Russian team grew more and more, the Hungarians were unsuccessful, and in the 17th minute they were 28-17. Dubei drove for a long time (29-19) and the bad team had to break Bernadette Hatr, and Kiss Virg entered. He did not help a lot, and scored 19 points from 29 to 19 in the fourth quarter.

The center of the Hungarian team, Bernadett Hatter, had a lot of mistakes in the first flushForrs: Origo

The second flush was bad because the Russian team started with 5-0 and was 34-19. Musina threw herself and threw a basket – that she would be scared. The center was deviated because it was double- with 36 to 25, then Studer with a 36-27 dude basket. Although he has obtained three times, he was stolen and a mistake of gl + was 36-32. We made a 15-2 match, we got back from the ice pools, when the Russians became more and more nervous. At that time, I was in the 27th minute, 36-34, and all the nils.

Vadeya's long throw threw a double (38-34), but then the Russians came from 5 teams who did not hurt us.

Studen gnes dbbenetes javulsa with jabb triplja silenced the kznsget and in the 29th minute the Hungarian team led 39-38. Our body has become much harder, we could say that the Hungarian glossary came to Ekaterinburg. Unfortunately, the last few minutes failed, the Russians resumed their leadership – they climbed up to the fifth quarter before the last quarter to 42-39.

In the third quarter, the Hungarian debut was greatForrs: MKOSZ Pksz Endre

the excitement of enthusiasm began in the fourth quarter. Katina Szidnia threw a gun, Goree is a double, 42-42, unhappy. There was not even 46-46 this year, but the Hungarians liked the gas. Vadeyev kept the Russians alone in the game, but Raksnyi's triple was just a good thing.

Musina, who had 18 stamps rounds, solved the Russian slogan with her success – successfully. 3 minutes 43 msodperc was cold, 53-49 led the host. It was a physically difficult match, and the Hungarian team moved into anger of fear. Hatr 53-51, then left a chaser in Gereb. It was Beljakov, but this was a little too much, because the end of the story was not enough. Vieru was not disappointed on the sidewalk and was in the last minute with a Russian leader of 55-51.

We have three chips left and I could not win the game. But that was the case when we got married – no sad Hungarian was in the hall. It was a shame that meant that the Hungarian team basically came out of the 2019 World Basketball Championships in the Olympic Winter Olympics competition in 2020. Because of the many mistakes in the first round, they can only be nervous because this game is over you could have won. Wednesday is totally formal and then kijuts, and the results should be in the other game, which is completely irreligious. Or we could say that in science fiction or science fiction.

European Basketball Championships, Group C, Round 6: Russia-Hungary 56-53 (16-8, 13-11, 13-20, 14-14)

The best age of the Hungarian team: Studer, Goree 12-12, Hatr 11.
Best Age for the Russian Team: Musina 20, Vadejeva 12.
The Hungarian debut ended the group with 4 wins and 2 rallies.

I'm not jl. We went to the public, but we wanted to win all the championships, but in this game it was a victory. We made up a huge team of Russian troops and we showed the character and we drowned. I'm a bitch, but a training can never be done, "said Norbert Szkely for M4 Sport." You can see how we did it. Here is the European Championship. I think I can go there to play matches " – The captain of the world said.

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