Wednesday , September 28 2022

The world's most important e-commerce day was launched


Today, one of the world's most important e-commerce days has begun. Alibaba's day of Snooping has attracted much attention in all his earnings as well as record gains. Last year, the first three minutes of the event brought the $ 1.5 million turnover to Knai ris. However, Blessing Day is not only important to Alibab, but many people also produce enormous lives.

Singapore Day of the Knights Day began in 2009, and Alibaba launched daily cuts. However, the origin of the problem is back in the early 1990s. The dictators at the University of Nanking have kept the "nnep" and wanted to unleash the singularity of skepticism. Valentine's Day, protests against November 11, November 11, because Symbol 1 symbolizes the singles.

Jack Ma, the current leader of Alibaba, Daniel ChangForrs: AFP / Str

Last year, SINGAPORE Day had a lot of revenue because in Alibaba 256,000 transactions took place every minute. In 2017, the business grew $ 25.3 billion in revenue. The big screen shows that this is the size of Black Friday and Monday Cyber ​​hit 2016.

According to cg, last year, the most popular products were wool scarf (2 million pieces), diapers (1.5 milligrams), bottled pom (70 millions) and toothbrush (11 millions pieces).

The villagers did not complain. Orally, you have reproached and Tag Heuer will reduce your 2016 revenue in just 15 minutes. The ruffians left terribly. Columbia Sportswear 800 produced stalactites, including the North Face 400 chic.

The day of singing is one of the most important e-commerce events in the worldForrs: AFP / Imaginechina / Tu meifei

Idn handbags technicians based on 500 millian frogs to visit the Alibaba site. The economy is affected by explosions, and in previous years, the 2016 data went through 39 chaos. Maintaining the current day in Szinglik Naps is in an unfavorable economic environment. The country's economy is slowing down, and the United States has the same powers as Westerners.

Additionally, online gambling has slowed down 12% this quarter.

So now, Alibaba spent all the time dedicated to Sting Day. With the launch of your name, you can download Starbucks stores and drinks with Taobao and Lazada coupons with Alibab.

Jack Ma, Alibaba leader, is a bigger global globe that has done so much a "nnepet" so far, but this has not been a success. Last year – Until now, the United States, Hong Kong and Russia have been the most important distributors. Clflds buys mobile phones and clothes.

Akr 1 millird can also be packed for the Singing DayForrs: AFP / Str

However, United Lions will be pressed, not just for vmhbor. Donald Trump, the US president, said they would be released from the agreement to give Kenyan businesses a discount package for the US.

Despite this, there are still some recordings on this day, because Alibaba was more serious than ever. They say they will have to complete a one-millisecond package, so they will be the world's first robotic shop where 700 robots will work to ensure that Sniper Day arrives at any time.

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