Tuesday , March 21 2023

There is a variant of your favorite car in the world, you can do it now


Introducing the 12th generation of Toyota Corolla. They make a big impression on him: they also make a hybrid hybrid, but instead they can be ordered with a 1.6-liter float engine.

The Tajts model was launched in Geneva and later by the Touring Sports, after which the new version of the Toyota Corolla was launched in the 12th generation.

The j model is similar to the other Corolla model on the Toyota TNGA GA-C pl the same sporty look as his body. At the same time, it is one and the same and, according to Toyota, is one of the greatest prestigious series.

Forrs: Toyota

The passenger compartment of the variant is similar to the horse and the combination, the wheelbase is 2700 mm in the same way as the Touring Sports version, the passenger is also very tgas.

Forrs: Toyota

Corolla Sedan will be able to fly with you. One of them is the 1.8-liter hybrid, with a reduced structure of 122 lerts. The refrigerator is also a 1.6-liter gasoline engine that can also be used with six-speed or constant speed (CVT) gears. The engine is 132 ler. Gasoline turbines do not come with counterfeit Corolla counterparts.

Forrs: Toyota

The Toyota Safety Sense Safety Package includes a complete range of safety features including a full range of safety features (PCS), maximum speed gearboxes, adaptive mkd (ACC) speed control and an Emergency Lock (LDA), Signal Detection System (RSA), and Automatic Document Processing (AHB).

Forrs: Toyota

The Corolla Sedan is the Toyota Corridor, the specification of the Eurasian model will be in the first quarter of 2019 on the continent markets. There is no reason to succeed on the market, last year (the last full exam) was the most popular carnage in the world.

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