Thursday , June 8 2023

Vettel betrayed why Räikkönen really missed him! – F1VILAG.HU


Fourth World Champion, Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel, gave a funny answer to the question of what was best lost by Kimi Räikkönen.

The Finnish Contestant leaving Ferrari after this season, is replaced by young Charles Leclerc.

Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi at the Thursday press conference They also wondered if they would miss Räikkönen or who would miss him.

"Silence," said the German competitor, and joined the conversation with Räikkönen next to him, "Short Meets!"

"Exactly," said Vettel.

The ferry conversation then continued, Räikkönen asked what he would enjoy most at Sauber next year.

– You did not say he was looking forward to the simulator? Vettel asked.

– Yes, but I have a house. I told him not to spend money, because I also have a home, "he continued in Räikkönen.

Max Verstappen also joined the conversation: – So will you do installation work on Friday, the first training session?

"Yes, it's easy. Take it easy." Man will do it well, and then he'll be fine, "Räikkönen said.

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