Saturday , August 13 2022

Washing machine deteriorated, nursing nurses wearing newborn clothes at Semmelweis University Maternity


The nurses took home the neonatal clothes because the washing machine was broken into the Semmelweis University's maternity facility, "a mother of RTL News reported that she was born on maternity leave." With this car, she wore sets of baby clothes, the babies were dressed in the hospital.

The mother organized two collections with the help of two foundations and several hundred thousand forints in a few days. This is enough for two washing machines, the organizers of the collection promise to buy things from the rest of the money that nurses have to do in the classroom.

Semmelweis University responded to the news that the clinic uses its own washing machine for washing fabrics in the hospital, all the other important things being washed in the university washroom. It was recognized that the washing machine of the clinic was broken, but it was written,

the new one was ordered.

However, they will consult with the foundations, the money will be spent on delivering the newborn.


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