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With a fantastic victory, the national team wished


This year, the match defeated by the Hungarian football team has already been won by group wins in Finland in Group 2 of the League of Nations. Marco Rossi's team was more determined and willing to fight, so Ádám Szalai and Ádám Nagy scored 2-0 and thanked him well for the year and the crowd at home.

The Hungarian team started with courage, with four starting points compared to the Estonian match: Gulácsi, Lovrencsics, Kleinheisler and Balázs Dzsudzsák were introduced, The latter brought the bomb to Captain Ádám Szalai.

The first dangerous situation had to wait for the 9th minute, when Zsolt Kalmár fired and fired at the corner of the hatch, but the attempt avoided the Finnish bay. The guests did not seem to have any bigger stake for them if they were not supposed to do it, they did not enter the battle and the area was taught.

Ádám Szalai (b) also handed over the hood of one of the boys accompanied before HymnsPhoto: Attila Polyák – Origo

In the 18th minute they signaled that they did not defend themselves only against Budapest, Pukki jumped and shot him in the corner of Gulac, and the corner kick with Vaisanen kotorta. Shortly after, Pukki was back in position, but the Hungarian goalkeeper of RB Leipzig, this time, was in place and defeated.

In the second half of the match, the match was on Finnish field and the superior was in the 29th minute: Korh passed the ball to Kalmar in sixteen who was rarely seen with a technical move on the Hungarian track, with a corner in front of Szalai, who quietly sold the lead and took the lead.

The result was impressive for Rossi and the team of the Hungarian team will hit the pitch in the next 10 minutes, following the following goal: Ádám Nagy was a great fighter and got a ball in the Finnish yard and was shot and shot 17 meters away, Jorononen , but it came out of the door.

So the Hungarians could have been desperate with a bidirectional advantage and maybe it's not an exaggeration to say that fans of the Rossi era were the best 45 minutes.

In the second match, instead of Tamás Kádár, Paulo Vinícius ran on the lawn, but fortunately, neither the Hungarian defender nor the Finns ought to pay attention to him. However, because of the injury, Botond Baráth also took off from backslides, which Ádám Lang would replace with Rossi Korhus, sending Philip Holender, leaving only four original versions for Willi Orban.

Hungarian fans have created a pleasant atmosphere for the showPhoto: Attila Polyák – Origo

There was no reason to worry, however, for the 60th minute there was no serious possibility for the Finnish to embellish. Captain Markku Kanerva has also tried to shake his team through shifts, but new people have not made any impetus for the group winner.

In the last ten minutes the teams were slightly overwhelmed, there were more technical defects and some late arrivals, so the end game was no longer football.

Ádám Nagy (8) shot the first goal in the national teamPhoto: Attila Polyák – Origo

However, the Hungarian team made a good start, saying goodbye to the year, in addition to the surprising victory of Estonians in Greece, he closed the group in second place.

This can mean a lot for the Eb qualification, because there is a chance for the team to return to the third hat instead of the fourth.

Hungary-Finland 2-0 (2-0)
Groupama Arena, 9,200 spectators, Slavko Vincic (Slovenian)
Marker: Szalai (29.), Nagy Á. (37)
yellow cards: Baráth (42), Lang (75), Kalmár (78) and Granlund (17), Lod (86)

Hungary: Péter Gulácsi – Botond Baráth (Ádám Lang, 52), Orban Willi, Tamás Kádár (Vinícius Paulo in pause), Mihály Korhut (Holender Filip, 54) – László Kleinheisler, Ádám Nagy – Gergő Lovrencsics, Zsolt Kalmár, Balázs Dzsudzsák – Ádám Szalai

Finland: Jesse Joronen – Albin Granlund (Joona Toivio in Pause), Paulus Arajuuri, Sauli Väisänen, Jere Uronen – Robin Lod, Glen Chamber, Thomas Lam (Joni Kauko, 60) Jasse Tuominen, Teemu Pukki

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