Thursday , March 30 2023

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Kocsis Istvn, an associate professor, on Saturday morning on the M1 channel, because since the age of the elderly has improved significantly, it has been reduced by about 30 cents for the Hungarian child in Hungary.

At the Székesfehérvár and Székesfehérvár centers in Budapest, six to six thousand years ago, it is Hungary's largest. István Kocsis, Associate Professor at M1 Actulus Channel, said on a New Year's Eve visit. It was said that due to the aging of the elderly, this could be a significant improvement in infant statistics.

Forrs: Origo

The doctor said the old man who had been pregnant before the 37th week of pregnancy fell somewhere between 23 and 24 years. It's great. Children who are so keen on all 500 grams of testicles will save 50 pounds of wax. In Hungary, there are 9 cherry chronies, and in order to be aligned at West-Eurasia level, This is not far, as in Austria, only 1-2 qualities are better than ours.

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