Thursday , August 18 2022

Balakrishna allocates 10 days for the campaign


Balakrishna allocates 10 days for the campaign

The Telugu Desam Party uses all weapons for Telangana polls – money, star power, and the media.

Telugu, the head of the desam N Chandrababu Naidu, asked the brother-in-law and actor Balakrishna to participate in the campaign for the Telangana party, and the actor easily accepted.

Sources say he also asked that NTR Jr come for the campaign, but he refused politely.

However, Balakrishna will seek TDP in all 14 constituencies in Telangana. If time allows, he can also run for the selected candidates in the congress.

Balakrishna will be used as an activist in the last segment of the campaign for 10 days. He'll take a break from NTR Biopic's shooting for that.

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