Thursday , March 30 2023

Denying with high ethics, not a political move, defends Jaitley | India News


BHOPAL: EU Finance Minister Arun Jaitley defended on Saturday on Sunday, saying it is a highly ethical move and not a political decision. The remarks by the finance minister came a day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi's statement in Shahdol that demonetization has brought money into the banking system used for the public good.

"Demonetization was a highly ethical move, and it was not a secret that many in India are not in line with taxes." By forcing them to put their money unsecured in the bank, he had a rational ethics, "Jaitley told reporters, answering a question about the impact of the demonetization of assembly surveys.

The Finance Minister said: "Any move that this government has taken so far from demonstrating to the GST to put the entire tax system directly or indirectly on online Jandhan accounts has helped the government formalize much of the Indian economy. has been at the center, and states now have much higher revenues, "the finance minister clarified during the BJP manifesto before the 28 November elections.

Drawing on the tax collection figures, Jaitley said that when the Modi government came to power in 2014, a total of 3.8 tailors paid income tax. In four years it reached 6.86 crore, and by the end of the fifth year it will be close to double the tax payers of 3.83 tailors. With such marginal growth, when government-funded tax-raising resources grow, the poor in the country benefit, he said.

The Finance Minister also said that states have no sovereignty over corruption, Jaitley reacted to the decision of the Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal Governments not to allow the CBI to enter the state.

"Only those who have much to hide and say they have not left the CBI in my state, there is no sovereignty of any state in corruption." Sarda and Narda in West Bengal can not be deleted just by saying for the future I notified the CBI, "Jaitley responded.

He said it was thought that Andhra was not notified of any particular case, but of fear of what might happen. The Finance Minister also defended the central government on rising oil prices, saying when the low world market prices also reduced the price.

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