Saturday , February 4 2023

Nintendo Switch Online NES Games for November


It's November, which means we'll be in hand with some classic NES as part of Nintendo Switch Online service.

The online channel, launched in September, already has a handful of classics that players can enjoy if they go alone or play against their friends online or locally. These include those from Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros 3, Ice Hockey and a handful of others.

This month – probably next week – we'll get three more titles to join this cut by adding to the value of the service because it is only $ 20 a year (or $ 4 a month) and gives you online access to your favorites as Splatoon 2 and The missile league, among others.

Here's a list of games you'll see connected to Nintendo Switch Online this month.


The first one is the classic Konami shooter, which, if we remember, was not seen on the US NPS In it, you'll shoot a variety of enemies with your adorable ship while taking some useful power-ups along the way. If you are a fan of "shmups," add it to your list.

Mighty Bomb Jack

The next one is this classic of the Tecmo School's old age, where you are guiding a hero around a scene to defuse bombs while dealing with enemies. That The key to Solomon. Mighty Bomb Jack is a taste you buy, but it is certainly worth trying if you are a fan of games of the NES era.


Finally, Metroid is likely to be "the biggest" of the group because you can experience the classic adventure of Samus Aran through the comfort of the switch. Play an open world during the hours, take out enemies and take new items (such as rockets and other goods) to help fight your mother Brain!

Nintendo 2

Even more games come on the road in December, including Wario & Woods and the classic Ninja Gaiden; and we are pretty sure that a number of fresh titles will be announced for the year 2019, including a few primary and third hits, including Capcom and Konami. For now, however, the service deserves to be verified, especially if you were looking to solve a prey Battle with the balloon or just want to beat Super Mario Bros. 3 everything again. And who would not want that?

Nintendo Online Switch service is available now.

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